There a ton of great techniques for marketing effectively on Instagram, too many for such a short article.

So, I’ll list a few of them below.

– Steal the ideas of others!

Yes, there was nothing new under the sun and there is no shame in emulating the successful strategies of other campaigns. If you see a great promotion, take the formula and run with it!


– Build your campaign around a hash-tag.

Pick a theme, like summer, or winter. Nike, for instance created a brilliant hashtag in #chooseyourwinter. A brilliant hash-tag or a brilliant ad campaign takes something universal, or near universal, and connects it in some way to what you do, which leads us to the next technique.


– Give your business a human face.

Posting Instagram pictures is an ideal way to give a human face to businesses, like say accounting, which may often seem slightly boring and esoteric. When people are able to see the human lives that are touched by your service they will be more likely to become your fans and followers.


– Associate your product or company with beauty.

Very similar to the last tip, this is especially important if your business is not particularly beautiful! Show the oceanic aspects of your programming business. Demonstrate to the world the connections between your product and the beautiful stillness of the forest.


– Partner with a good cause.

Link your Instagram account with a good cause of your choosing. You will not only feel the benefits that come with doing something positive for the world, your account will most likely also gain followers that you would not otherwise have.


– Promote, promote, promote.

Weave a web of connections between your social media platforms and websites and vigorously cross pollinate.