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Written by Jason DiNunno | @jasondinunno

Content marketing is one of the best long-term marketing strategies for businesses.

Not convinced? If so, you’re not alone. The benefits and impacts of content marketing can be easily overlooked or just plain unclear to many marketers and business owners.

But here’s why it’s time to start taking notice of the value of content marketing and what it can do for your digital marketing efforts – as well as for your brand and business.

First, let’s start with some statistics. According to the Content Marketing Institute:


At least 200 million people use ad blockers.

• Takeaway:
We’re now in the era of what Seth Godin deemed
permission marketing. Basically, this means that your audience has the power to give (or deny) you permission to show them certain ads or information. So, if you’re buying ads for your brand, there’s a good chance that your message is NOT getting through to a significant portion of your target audience.




Content marketing costs roughly 60% less than outbound marketing, and it can generate about 3 times as many leads.

• Takeaway:
Content marketing is cheaper and potentially more effective than traditional marketing tactics.


Nearly 8 times more traffic can be driven to a website via successful content marketing.

• Takeaway:
People want useful, valuable information, and they will find, follow and revisit the sources that provide it.




The Case for Content Marketing: Why It Matters (& Why It’s Here to Stay!)

The statistics above are certainly compelling. But they may still leave lingering questions about precisely why content marketing can be so effective. So, let’s unpack the facts behind the numbers by taking a closer look at the top reasons why content marketing is so essential.

The real benefits of effective content marketing are that it can provide:

1. A cost-effective way to directly connect with your target audience

Your content can be an effective way to share your expertise, insights and knowledget. What’s more is that content marketing allows you to engage your target audience:

• At a relatively low cost (when compared to the cost of ads or other methods). In fact, although it may take some time and effort to create unique, high-quality compelling content for your brand, once you have it, you own it – and you can repost and distribute it across various channels (and at any point in the future). This is different than expensive ads (that can be ignored and will expire), emails (that can be deleted before they’re opened), etc.

• In an informal, conversational way without the interruption of ads. This can mean that you have your audience’s undivided attention (at least for a minute or so), allowing your message to really resonate.




2. Brand recall

Good content that provides value to an audience is far more likely to be remembered – and so too is the source of that content. This can mean that effective content marketing can cultivate a more personal relationship with an audience that not only remembers your brand (long after reading your content) but that also comes back for more information and content (possibly on a regular or daily basis).

3. SEO benefits and better rankings

Google values original, high-quality, fresh content, especially from authoritative sources. Consistently publishing this type of content, particularly when it is relevant and provides answers to questions people are asking (i.e., searching for), can lead to better rankings, more traffic to your site (and/or social media pages) and more inbound links (which can further boost SEO and rankings). Over time, this can enhance your online authority and potentially help your content (or website) climb to (or stay at) the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).




4. Exponential returns over time

Successful content marketing can be like an investment bank account. While it may take some time to hit “critical mass” (with quality content or with money invested in an account), once you do, the returns can be incredible. For content, this can mean driving far more targeted traffic to your site, getting more views & shares for your content, spiking conversions and more new leads, etc. (and for a bank account, it would be interest coming back to your account). Over time, this can translate into more revenue coming from each visitor to your site.




5. Benefits to your other digital marketing efforts

Good content can complement your social media marketing efforts by providing material for new campaigns. It can also enhance your email marketing efforts by increasing your signups/distribution list while getting more people to open your emails (and click through or respond to your call-to-action). And, as noted above, quality content can bring more attention and traffic to your website. When all of these efforts are in sync, they can create a snowball effect that maximizes your ROI.


Content Marketing: The Bottom Line

When it comes to content marketing, the bottom line is that it’s here to stay – and that investing in the right content marketing strategies can enhance:

  • Your other digital marketing efforts
  • Your brand’s online presence and authority
  • Your conversion rates while bringing you more new leads and clients.

So, don’t put off content marketing for your brand any longer! If you need some help getting started – or if it’s time to refine your content marketing strategies (or delegate them to an experienced pro), let’s talk some more.

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