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Weekly Authority #12

Content Marketing: How do you establish trust on your website for new businesses / clients? Learn the answers here. How to add proof to your startup homepage when you are starting from scratch via @thedannorris Social media is a major component & influences business’ wider operations. Read on for a compilation of tips for navigating […]


Weekly Authority #11

Content Marketing: Is your content failing to convert? Here’s how to curate craveable content & get better conversions. The Best Content Curators Follow This Surprisingly Easy Framework via @sbestor15 @SumoMe Good storytellers can grab, keep & grow an audience. Hook more readers with these powerful storytelling hacks. Storyhacking: Cracking the Code Behind the Irresistible Selling […]


Weekly Authority #10

Content Marketing: Know the importance of learning the basics of marketing and the relationship between traditional and digital marketing. Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong via @samueljscott @techcrunch Having the recipe of right content will surely cater to our audience’s needs and our business goals. Great Content ≠ Long-Form Content via @randfish […]


Weekly Authority #9

Content Marketing: There is no denying the effectiveness of content marketing. Dive in and learn the real value of content marketing, that is in distribution. 16 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic Through Content Distribution via @neilpatel How do you produce content that your prospects will find irresistible? Discover the answer here plus more .. […]


Weekly Authority #8

Content Marketing: Keyword Opportunities, User Experience, Content are few things you can read about to help you with content digital marketing. How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy With Search Engines via Taylor Tomita, Author at Jeffbullas’s Blog via @jeffbullas A process blueprint to grow your brand? Yes there is one! .. Click the link […]



Weekly Authority #7

It was fantastic doing a Snapchat Takeover of Azriel from Ratz Pack Media. He is always providing value around the Facebook Ads topic and definitely knows his stuff as we’ve chatted many times about how to use them properly. Snap takeovers are basically the new guest blogging and it’s a simple way to provide value […]



Weekly Authority #6

Had a great time doing a Snapchat Interview with SnapVice and Shai Knecht. They are doing things right over there, building an audience by providing valuable tips and tricks that people can use on Snap. They’ve already had some awesome people on for interviews like Chris Kubby, Justin Kan, Hillel Fuld and others.


Weekly Authority #5

Had a chance this week to catch up with a couple great people whom I really developed a friendship with at Tropical Think Tank ‘16, Ryan Ayres and Matt Lovell. It was fantastic seeing how how much we’ve gotten done in the last month and how we each have furthered our businesses. Exciting stuff coming […]


Weekly Authority #4

Had the chance to grab a blab this week with the fantastic Chris Marr from After connecting with Chris on Snapchat, hearing what he’s all about from there and his podcast it’s clear to see that Chris is a good guy and he ‘get’s it’. After chatting with him over a video call it […]


Weekly Authority #3

As we finish up our initial content, which we want to be epic, we’ll be able to promote that content to an already existing audience. Remember that it’s not just about the content that you create, it’s who sees that content, it’s about how you promote it. Start building your audience now, if you haven’t […]