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Content Marketing:

There is no denying the effectiveness of content marketing. Dive in and learn the real value of content marketing, that is in distribution.

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How do you produce content that your prospects will find irresistible? Discover the answer here plus more ..

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Learn about brand awareness and how to associate your brand with the right emotion and put it in front of as many relevant people as possible.

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What is the future of digital marketing? Is Interactive Content the new King?

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Either you are a newbie or someone who wants to improve coding knowledge, leverage this article and browse a list of resources to help you out.

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Social Media Marketing

Discover amazing opportunities to make meaningful connections using Twitter Video

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Improving on your brand’s Instagram content is a must. Click to spark inspiration to provide better content for your audience / followers.

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Ever wondered if there are people trying to get in touch with you (who don’t have your email or phone number) using Facebook about business opportunities? Voila, discover the hidden message inbox!

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With over 7 billion stories viewed each day and 100 million global monthly active users, It is time for your business to improve on Snapchat marketing. Here’s how.

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Note from Jason DiNunno, CEO of

I can’t stand hypocrites, they drive me nuts. There’s a lot of them out there and I know that it drives you crazy too. I hate when people don’t walk the walk, especially after talking a big game. I guess you’d call me an anti-hype marketer.

I’ve personally been ready to launch this business for a year.. knowing the ins and outs of exactly how it would work and what I would do to make it successful. But I wasn’t ready to take on clients when I hadn’t actually put in the work and seen the results. I wanted to make sure that we could over-deliver on our promises and build their brands effectively.

We had to put in the work. I couldn’t over-deliver on those promises without a team that could do excellent work with Content, Social Media, Design and Development. Then came managing all the projects, making sure each piece was in place, to the right person, at the right time. We worked out a ton of kinks along the way to a completely custom designed and developed website, an organic twitter following of over 10,000 and now a constantly growing Snapchat account. And that was just the beginning, the pre-launch phase, to prove our concept.

Now, we’re excited to launch our content. After many hours of outlining, drafting, editing and redrafting again our Twitter Rules Ebook is going to design along with a series of blog posts all designed to help you do what we just did, grow your Twitter audience. We want you to skip our learning curve and get results faster, more effectively and develop your business and brand as the Authority in Your Industry. Next Week, not only will I unveil the first blog post for on How to Enhance Engagement on Twitter but I’ll also let you know about the last piece of the Launch Strategy.

We can’t help everyone be the Authority in their Industry, at least not all at once. We have to be able to fulfill our services or we’d be out of business before we even begin. We simply can’t take every client. There’s been a lot of requests for help when it comes to Content and Social Media Marketing, and until now, I’ve only been able to give advice. However, now we have a team of marketers that can create and fulfill an effective Content and Social Media plan to get Real Results and increase your bottom line.

We want to help You, Establish your Digital Authority, help grow Your Business the way we’ve grown our own. Rather than hiring a whole marketing team to execute a plan that you have to monitor and pay benefits to, you can receive the benefits of our skills, without the hassle and half the price.

Stay tuned.. next week I’ll announce not only where you grab the latest content, but where you can sign up for the Early Access Waiting List. There is extremely limited space for this which includes bonuses and a 2 year discount, and you can be one of the first to get results and establish You as the Authority in your Industry.