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Content Marketing:

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Social Media Marketing

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Note from Jason DiNunno, CEO of

I wanted to share our Early Access Strategy with you over the next few Weekly Authority Posts. You’re reading this to get proven strategies that you can implement in your business and you’ll get a chance to see exactly how we’re launching from ground up. I’ve already made a bunch of mistakes, ones I’ve learned from and ones I’m still struggling to overcome, all of which I will continue to share with you, so you can benefit. In addition to hiring and process mistakes, I’ll share with you the biggest thing I’ve learned so far, the importance of speed, and what I would do differently to fix it.

My first mistake, I learned the hard way, spending a lot of time in my weaknesses, trying to do it all myself. I spent hours upon hours, pouring over how to after how to.. not only learning digital marketing but trying to turn myself into a tech person. I’ve always been a people person, the one managing the business and calling the IT guy anytime something went wrong. Until 2010, I didn’t even know what a blog was and now I was trying to create one. Once I realized this and put together a team that could specialize in their strengths, getting custom web pages designed, developed along with content from writers was a breeze.

What does this have to do with a Launch Strategy you ask? It’s cost me much more than my time spent learning all the ins and outs needed to market our businesses online. It’s about the opportunity cost, had I put the right people in place earlier the business would already be launched and on it’s way. The good news is, I’ve learned from my mistake and we, as a team, have gotten the kinks out creating our own website and content. The great news is, you can learn from my mistakes and implement in your business, to grow faster and more effectively.

Remember, “A Smart Man learns from his mistakes, a Wise Man learns from Others.” I’ll be revealing more on our launch strategy in the next two weeks, including the mistakes we’ve made with hiring and processes, how we’re building buzz and using Snapchat all in pre launch for