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How to Use Email Autoresponders to Promote Conversions & Get New Clients: 5 Tips

Automation can be the key to working smarter (not harder). In fact, with the right automation tools and processes, you can conserve your resources while seeing better returns from your marketing efforts. In the world of digital marketing automation, email autoresponders can be an incredibly helpful tool when you’re looking to boost conversions.

So, what’s an email autoresponder?

Basically, an email autoresponder is a series of emails that are automatically set up to go out to a certain segment of your subscriber list at a certain time (or after a specific event).

To help you get the most of this automation tool, this week, I’m sharing some insider tips on how to effectively use email autoresponders. These tactics may hold the key to generating more conversions and new leads for your business!

5 Essential Tips for Using Email Autoresponders to Boost Conversions

  1. 1. Set up ‘transactional’ autoresponder emails – Transactional emails are emails related to some purchase, inquiry or other process an individual has started (or completed) with your business. Transactional emails typically do much better (in terms of opens, click-throughs and conversions) than traditional newsletters. So, set up transactional email autoresponders like:

    • ○ Welcome Emails (after a new subscriber joins your list)

    • ○ Thank You Emails (after a purchase is made)

    • ○ Cart Abandonment Emails (when shoppers have started but not completed a purchase).

  2. 2. Create email autoresponders around a specific & important topic – What topics interest your audience? What pages on your site see the most traffic? Set up email autoresponders related to these topics. Other ways to find great topics to focus email autoresponders on include to:

    • ○ Do some keyword research

    • ○ Ask your social media followers

    • ○ Check out industry trends or hot topics.

  3. 3. Use email autoresponders to educate your audience – Another great way to use email autoresponders is to use them to disseminate an instructional series. These series can include short videos, tips, webinars or other educational tidbits. If you choose the right format and topic, you can quickly build trust with your subscribers, enticing more of them to become loyal followers and, ideally, new clients.

  4. 4. Try out different lengths for your autoresponder series – How many emails should be included in a given series? Should you keep it short (like 3 or 4 emails)? Or should your series be longer (like 10+ emails)? Finding the sweet spot for series length is important to keeping your subscribers engaged – and to compelling them to respond to your calls-to-action and become new clients. So, try out different lengths for your series to dial into the best length for your brand and your audience.

  5. 5. Test different email copy in your autoresponder series – Just like you should test the length of your series (to find the sweet spot), you should also test out different copy. Try different language, different email lengths and different formatting. Also, consider changing up the tone if your subscribers aren’t responding to your current autoresponders. Trying out new language can be the key to pinpointing what best engages your audience.

Have you tried using email autoresponders? What have you found to be more (or less) successful with your autoresponders (& audience)?

Tell me about your experiences, challenges and successes on Facebook and LinkedIn. And don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask any digital marketing question or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!

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