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Change & Improvements: The New Weekly Authority Design & Format

The one constant thing is change.

Especially in today’s world, things are moving faster and faster. You can plan all you want, but things will change. You need to be flexible and able to adjust in order to take advantage of the changes and not get swept away by them like Blockbuster.

Notice recently, how fast Facebook (including Instagram) and SnapChat have been releasing new features, new add-ons, new fixes to improve the platforms.

Or even how Medium recently announced the Founders program for paid publications.



This makes controlling your platform even more important.

What happens to your business when your number one traffic and lead source stops?

If all your eggs are in that basket and you don’t reinvent yourself quickly, you’re done. If you were crushing SnapChat and all of a sudden Instagram is practically identical, what happens to your reach? Then Facebook Messenger and any other of numerous things that will appear to take away the attention you had with your audience.

You must funnel your social media audience back to your site, back to your email list.

Sure they could unsubscribe, but you own that list, no one is going to change that. That’s why you hear ‘The money is in the list’ because no matter how many followers or likes you get, it really only matters how many turn into clients.

The most important thing you can do to establish a lead source is to provide value in exchange for permission to email potential prospects.

Once you’ve established a lead magnet and email series to follow it’s important to continue to improve it to provide as much value as possible which will leave your prospect thinking, “If this is what he’s giving away for free, I can’t wait to buy the product or service.”

Which is why we’ve been working on improving the Weekly Authority.

After getting some feedback (always important to ask your audience!) we’ve shortened the Weekly Authority to give you only the Most Important Content & Social Media Articles that you need to implement into your business.

Less is more, especially when time is always of the essence.

We want to give you the most valuable resources we can find, to save you time and help you position your business as the authority online.

Leave a comment and let our team and I know what you think of the new format, design and if you find any in-depth articles that you want to share, get in touch!

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