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Content Marketing

Local and national organizations that advertise through direct mail are much more likely to convince consumers to part ways with their hard-earned cash. Here’s why, along with what you can do to leverage direct mail to benefit your brand.

The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age via @Taradel_LLC • @KissMetrics

Did you realize that a steady stream of conversations can inspire your content marketing program? Here’s how you can use conversations to develop authentic, relevant content for your brand.

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Get more organized by incorporating all of the content you’re creating into your content calendar. Here’s how, along with an exhaustive list of the various types of content to track in order to improve your content marketing.

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To help you become self-reliant and stress-free when it comes to content, here are five ways you can turn your content into a renewable resource. These tips can ensure that you never run out of ideas or waste precious time and energy again (when it comes to content).

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To get the best results from digital marketing, you need to take a proactive and strategic approach. Here’s how you can start thinking like a strategic marketer.

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Social Media Marketing

Considering taking a break from social media? Here’s why that can be a good idea – and what you can do to cut back on some of your social networking to strike a healthier balance in life.

How to Detox From Social Media Without Deleting Your Account via @soph_bern • @HubSpot

Here are Mari Smith’s top tips for rolling out an effective Facebook content strategy in 2017. These reveal a treasure trove of insights you can use to improve your Facebook marketing this year (& beyond).

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Ever wonder if any of the tweeting and sharing for your brand is really converting into revenue? Check out this guide. It can help you evaluate just how successful your tweets are at generating revenue for your business.

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This infographic depicts how you can use Snapchat to enhance your brand’s appeal and following online.

How Marketers Can Use Snapchat in 2017 [Infographic] via @LauraFWrites • @MarketingProfs

Mistakes on social media happen – but they don’t have to ruin a brand. Here’s why, along with what you can do to withstand any misstep made on Twitter, Facebook or another social network.

The Only Lesson From Every Social Media Brand Fail Example Ever via @DannyNMIGoodwin • @sewatch

Content Distribution & Syndication: 10 Tips for Maximizing the Reach, Circulation & Audience for Your Content (Pt. 2)

Picking up from the last weekly, this week, I’m sharing some more proven tips for effectively distributing and syndicating content. These tips can be indispensable when you’re ready to:

  • ● Grow your brand’s authority and following online

  • ● Convert more of your audience into new leads (and clients!).

More Content Distribution & Syndication Tips

Putting content where your target audience is online, as well as using email and social media to disseminate your great content, are the tips we shared in the last weekly (i.e., Tips 1 through 3). Here are Tips 4 through 10:

  1. 4. Reformat & reuse

    Is your content mostly written (like blogs or articles)? Or have you been focused on creating videos or Podcasts? Whatever you’re doing right now, try to change it up and create a different format that you can put up in a new online space.

    For instance, can you repurpose a blog post into an eye-catching infographic? For your videos and Podcasts, try creating transcripts that people can read. Reformatting and reusing your content can get your content in more places online, making as easy as possible for any segment of your audience to connect with the format they prefer. And that can make it far more likely that your content will get consumed.

  2. 5. Let your audience help you

    Make it as easy for your audience to share your content. If you do, it’s far more likely that they will take your call-to-action. You can do this by putting icons for major social media networks by or below each piece of content. You can even overtly ask for shares (like by including language such as “If you dug this piece, spread the word and share it on social media!”). When your audience really likes the content you’re putting out, they can (and will) take care of some of the distribution work for you!

  3. 6. Develop and use relationships with Influencers

    Influencers are people who are at the cutting edge of trends, industries, etc. They are also people who tend to have a lot of online followers. So, if you’re able to cultivate relationships with Influencers (inside or outside of your industry), use these relationships to expand the reach of your content. One of the best ways to do this is via reciprocity (i.e., do something helpful for the Influencer in return for him or her sharing your content).

  4. 7. Pay for ads

    Another effective way to get your great content out there is by purchasing Facebook ads. These ads can put your message out in front of a larger audience – and they can be very helpful to generating more traffic for your site, as well as more attention for (and awareness of) your brand.

  5. 8. Use guests to help you create & distribute content

    Your colleagues, your staff and even professionals in related industries can also help you with content distribution. This is especially true if you get them to create content for you (because they’ll have a vested interest in promoting the content and maximizing its reach and impact). So, build a team of “guests” who can periodically (or regularly) develop and distribute content for you.

  6. 9. Don’t be afraid to try new platforms

    You never know if your content will do well on a new platform if you don’t test it out. So, make it a point to get your content into new spaces. And then evaluate how well it does. Being open to new platforms and pushing your content into new spaces can help you uncover more places where your target audience is. It can also help you continue to improve your overall content marketing strategies.

  7. 10. Stay the course

    With content distribution and syndication (and, really, with content marketing in general), it’s best to play the long game. In other words, don’t expect immediate results, and don’t get discouraged if a particular tactic (or platform) doesn’t generate the results you want right away. These missteps can be just as insightful as the successes because they can reveal what to avoid doing in the future.

What strategies have you found to be more (or less) successful when it comes to distributing and/or syndicating your content?

Tell me about your content marketing experiences, challenges and successes on Facebook and LinkedIn. And don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask any digital marketing question or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!