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Content Marketing

Don’t be misled by SEO myths. Get the truth – and put the bad advice behind you – so you can nail SEO and drive more traffic to your blogs and/or other content.

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Get management to buy into content marketing. Here’s how to develop a smart plan that makes them see precisely why additional content marketing is a worthwhile investment they can’t live without.

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In online marketing today, you have hundreds of channels to choose from. Within each, there are thousands of tactics that you could use. Cut through the noise and hone in on the right marketing options for your brand using these helpful tips.

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Social Media Marketing

Without goals, it’s hard to know exactly how well your social media strategy is performing. Here are some super-actionable social media goals you can use to help your team achieve great things.

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Content Distribution & Syndication: 10 Tips for Maximizing the Reach, Circulation & Audience for Your Content (Pt. 1)

Well-written, engaging content is essential for brands that want to connect with an online audience. But great content does not guarantee that an audience will see or respond. That’s because where content is (or isn’t) published online matters.

So, if you’re just publishing your great content on your website – and you don’t have a plan (or any processes) for distributing or syndicating your content, you ARE limiting the reach and impact of your content. Additionally:

  • ● You are NOT getting the best possible results from your content.

  • ● You ARE likely leaving clients (and money) for your brand on the table for competitors to grab.

The good news, though, is that you can turn this around with the right knowledge and strategies. In fact, if you know how to effectively share your content across the right online platforms, you CAN expand its reach and influence. And that can be the key to engaging more of your target audience as you build authority (and a loyal online following) for your brand.

So, this week, I’m kicking off a two-part series to share helpful content distribution and syndication tips. Before I dive into the tips, however, it’s first important to distinguish between the terms (because they are different – and each can have unique benefits, as well as potential challenges).

Content Distribution versus Syndication: What’s the Difference?

Both content distribution and content syndication involve disseminating your content online to build, engage and connect with an audience. The difference between the two lies in who owns your content and how much effort you have to put into the process:

  • ● With content distribution, you retain ownership over your content, and you have to take the lead in putting your content up on sites you own, sites that agree to put up your content, social media platforms, etc.

  • ● With content syndication, you give up ownership of your content to a third party site that does the work to get your content out there.

The right balance of content distribution and content syndication can help brands:

  • ● Build brand awareness and recognition

  • ● Develop a larger, loyal online audience

  • ● Engage (and ideally convert) an audience.

10 Content Distribution & Syndication Tips

  1. 1. Publish where your target audience is already hanging out

    Where does your target audience hang out online? What do they usually do when they spend time online? Start putting your content in these spaces. If you position yourself (and your content) where your target audience is already spending time online, you can position it to get noticed, consumed and shared more.

  2. 2. Don’t forget about email

    Deliver your great content directly to your audience’s inbox. Make it personal and use a catchy headline to improve open and click-through rates. And give them something of value in each email. The “value” element can be anything from insider tips to special deals. This can entice your audience to always want to open emails you send them.

  3. 3. Get social

    Push your great content out on social media. Whether you publish an entire blog or you post an appealing teaser with link, social posts can drive more traffic to your site while increasing shares of (and comments on) your content. When brands are really able to nail this and share something that a wide audience finds valuable, their content can go viral.

Tips 4 through 10 will be featured in the next Weekly (Part 2 of this series). Stay posted for it!

Have you tried these or any other tactics for distributing or syndicating your content?

Tell me about your content marketing experiences, challenges and successes on Facebook and LinkedIn. And don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask any digital marketing question or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!