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Content Marketing:

Get the scoop on what social media platforms are best for B2B Marketing

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It is critical yet overwhelming to pick what you should do first on your content marketing to-do list. Where do you start and what should drive that decision?

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Read on to learn how to get fantastic return on your content effort and increase your audience.

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Do you want to use proven techniques to launch a successful digital marketing campaign that will leave a lasting impression?

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Twitter takes you back to marketing basics to remind you how to Tweet effective content to captivate a new audience.

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Social Media Marketing

How do you invest on making an effort in your business and making people want to want you? Explore these tips on how to influence your readers.

7 Psychology Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts via @MassPlanner

Do you want to know how to draw in detail on Snapchat? It is so simple you will not even believe it! You don’t have to be an artist to look like one.

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Have you considered using Instagram to increase engagement with your audience or increase sales? Instagram is a new hub for visual identification of your business.

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Step 1 – Establish clear objectives and goals. After that, what do you need to do in your business to reap benefits of your social media marketing efforts?

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Combining your picture with text could help you stand out but is that enough to help you compete with about 6000 tweets per second?

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Note from Jason DiNunno, CEO of

Had a chance this week to catch up with a couple great people whom I really developed a friendship with at Tropical Think Tank ‘16, Ryan Ayres and Matt Lovell. It was fantastic seeing how how much we’ve gotten done in the last month and how we each have furthered our businesses. Exciting stuff coming out of that event, which I’m reminded of even more now as Social Media Marketing World 2016 is going on right now in San Diego

Following the #SMMW16 Hashtag on Twitter and catching the snaps of the attendees and speakers like Jay Baer, Joel Comm, Gary Vee, Chris Ducker and many, many more is great but not quite the same as being there. There are however, still some great things to pick up on. We’ve already seen some good use of Snapchat Filters, contests and Social just done well across the platforms. Here’s just a few of the awesome people to follow at SMMW16…