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Content Marketing

Use these tips to make sure that your brand’s emails glitter and stand out in any inbox they land in.

Email Marketing Best Practices in 2017: 5 Tips to Improve Your Emails via @lizwillits • @AWeber

Did you know that fonts can be important visual tools for content marketers? Here’s an inside look at just how different fonts can influence reader emotion and how marketers can leverage this in their content.

Fonts & Feelings: Does Typography Connote Emotions? via @soph_bern • @HubSpot

If you don’t know how to tell a compelling story for your brand, check out these exceptional examples of brand storytelling. They can reveal the ingredients you need to share a great, unique and interesting story for your brand.

5 Inspirational Brand Storytelling Examples To Energize Your Content Marketing via @tweetsbylavanya • @jeffbullas

Don’t waste any more time (or money) creating content that doesn’t generate results or engagement. If you want to take your content to the next level and see better results from it, it’s time to go back to these basics, says expert Brian Clark (CEO of Rainmaker Digital).

Get Back to Basics to Crush It in 2017 via @brianclark • @CopyBlogger

Brand image is critical to a business’ success. And that image grows (at least in part) from how you talk about your brand in your content. Here’s a strong case for why your content should focus on what your brand IS (instead of what it is not) if you want to build – and maintain – a positive brand image.

The Biggest Lesson I Learned in 2016: Talk About Who You Are, Not Who You Aren’t via @JDulsky • @Marketo

Social Media Marketing

Broadcasting live audio is one of Facebook’s newest features. Here’s why this feature matters – and what you can do to leverage it to your business’ advantage.

Introducing Facebook’s Next Feature: A New Way to Broadcast Live via @MeetEdgar

Think your business (or industry) is just to unglamorous to get attention on social media? Think again! Here are some helpful social media marketing tactics for providing value and enhancing engagement – no matter how “boring” you think your business or industry may be.

7 Tips for Marketing a ‘Boring’ Brand on Social Media via @bodyrinse • @Hootsuite

Instagram stories can generate more interest in your brand. Here’s what Instagram stories are, how to make them & what you can do to get the most out of each story you create for your brand.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Higher Brand Awareness via @SproutAlexYork • @SproutSocial

If you aren’t convinced about the power (or value) of buying fans on Facebook, check out this case made by Leading Influencer Neil Patel. He explains just how and why investing in Facebook fans can pay off in major ways when it comes to brand awareness and growth.

I Waste $12,512 a Day on Facebook Fans, and I’m Not Going to Stop. Here’s Why via @NeilPatel

Where does your ideal client spend time online? When is (s)he online? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, check out this essential guide to finding your ideal client online. This can help you position your content – and calls-to-action – exactly where your ideal clients will see (and hopefully respond to) them.

Tips on How to Find Your Ideal Client Online via @JasonDiNunno • @DAuthorityCo

The Different Types of Facebook Ads & How to Pick the Right One(s) for Your Brand

Facebook ads can be a great way to get your brand out in front of your target audience. In fact, when done right, Facebook ads can enhance brand awareness and drive more of your target audience to your site (or to your business’ front door).

With the powerful versatility of Facebook ads, however, can come a challenge: what types of Facebook ads are right for your business? After all, the wrong ads put in front of the wrong audience can fall flat, waste your time and money and, in the worst cases, generate negative impressions of your brand.

To help you avoid these pitfalls and get better results from your Facebook marketing, this week, I’m sharing some tips for choosing Facebook ads.

An Overview of the Different Types of Facebook Ads

Before I dive into tips for choosing Facebook ads, it’s first important to clarify the different options that are available. When it comes to Facebook ads, there are generally two main categories:

  • Facebook ads featured on different devices or platforms – You can choose whether you want your ads to be on the mobile news feed, the desktop news feed, the audience network, the desktop right column and/or Instagram.

  • Facebook ads that serve different purposes (or have specific calls-to-action) – While some Facebook ads are intended to drive traffic to a business’ website, others are meant to increase conversions, app downloads, attendance to an event or leads for a business. This is evident through the different options available for the call-to-action button (which is featured in the lower right-hand button). These include (and aren’t limited to):

    • ○ Learn More

    • ○ Contact Us

    • ○ Sign Up

    • ○ Apply Now

    • ○ Shop Now.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type(s) of Facebook Ads for Your Business

  • Identify your target audience (and ideal client) – Knowing who your target audience is – and, more specifically, where they are and how they access Facebook – can help you determine what platforms to feature your ads on and the best way to engage your audience (and get them to respond to your calls-to-action).

  • Set a budget for yourself – Know what you’re willing and able to spend and set this limit before you start throwing up ads. Being aware of your budget from the get go can lead to more informed decisions on how and where to run your Facebook ads.

  • Prioritize your goals (or calls-to-action) – When first diving into Facebook ads, figure out what your top priority is for running these ads. Do you want to drive more traffic to your business’ website? Do you want to collect more emails for your email campaigns? Do you want more targeted leads? Or is it something else altogether? If there are multiple goals, prioritize them and focus on the primary goal first. This can help you conserve your resources as you dial into the best tactics for your brand’s Facebook marketing.

  • Don’t be afraid to try different ads – Whether or not you find a Facebook ad format that works for your brand, don’t hesitate to try out different types of ads (especially for different types of campaigns). You may just stumble across a new ad format that dramatically increases engagement.

  • Track the performance – With each ad campaign you run, keep an eye on how it does. Evaluate what is (and isn’t working) so you can continue to improve your Facebook ads’ performance (and maximize the ROI for this investment).

What has your experience with Facebook ads been? Have you found any especially useful tactics for running Facebook ad campaigns? Or has your Facebook marketing run into some roadblocks?

Tell me about your social media experiences, challenges and successes on Facebook and LinkedIn. And don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask any digital marketing question or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!