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Content Marketing

SEO is not dead; it has, however, taken on some new forms. This go-to guide on modern SEO provides a clear, helpful look at current best practices. Check it out so you’re up to speed with the latest in the SEO world – and so that you’re optimizing your site and content as effectively as possible.

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Realize your business’ full content marketing potential this year with the help of these dynamic tools & templates!

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Eye-catching visuals that are easy to digest & share will be essential for any brand in 2017. Check out this guide to creating effective visual assets for your brand. It can help you stand apart and above the competition while cultivating better connections with your target audience.

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Check out these lessons that the pros at Buffer learned when they dove into podcast promotion for the first time. They offer important content marketing that can position any brand for success.

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Taking the time to set goals for yourself (as well as your business and your team) can be a powerful way to focus your efforts, grow professionally, and overcome obstacles. Here are some invaluable tips to help you set (& achieve) the right professional goals for the New Year (& beyond).

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Social Media Marketing

Avoid costly mistakes with your brand’s Instagram ads. Use these tips to create ads that convert for a successful Instagram advertising campaign.

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Here’s Google’s top 10 list for the most-watched ads on YouTube in 2016. These are important to check out because they were online ads that people actually wanted to watch last year. Use them as inspiration for your next digital ad campaign.

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Humanizing social media marketing – and building trust with an audience – is an art, and it’s hard to master. Make it easier for yourself – and start putting out far more engaging social campaigns – with these useful tips.

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Want to know what great Facebook ad campaigns do (and don’t) look like? Check out these critiques that reveal some essential, yet basic, tips that can help drive down Facebook ad costs while increasing conversions.

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Social media video content has exploded in popularity. Although creating your own videos to boost your social campaigns may seem challenging (or flat-out overwhelming), it doesn’t have to be – especially if you rely on this helpful guide on how to create and launch amazing social media videos.

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How Long Social Media Posts Last & How to Maximize their Lifespan (Part 1)

Social media posts can live online indefinitely – but that does NOT mean that the posts will be relevant, let alone click- or share-worthy, forever. In fact, for most social posts, about half of the clicks, views and shares they will ever receive come within hours of the post being published.

This is known as the half-life of social posts, and it varies from platform to platform.

Knowing how the half-life of posts differs across different social platforms can be essential to developing effective social media marketing strategies – and to getting the best possible results from each of your posts (and campaigns).

Taking a closer look at this aspect of social media, this week, I’m sharing some of the latest findings on the half-lives of social posts. This information can uncover powerful insights and tactics for improving and refining your social media marketing strategies.

How Long Social Media Posts Last: A Look at the Average Half-Life of a Social Post

According to some of the latest industry research, here’s an overview of the average half-lives of posts for some of the leading social media platforms:

  • ● Twitter: 2.8 hours

  • ● Facebook: 3.2 hours

  • ● YouTube: 7 hours

  • ● Pinterest: 3 months

Some key takeaways from these findings are that:

  • ● Twitter posts generally have the shortest half-lives (and lifespans), and Facebook posts are not that far behind.

  • ● If your Twitter and Facebook posts aren’t going up at the right times (or within the ideal timeframe, based on when your target audience is on these platforms), your posts are getting minimal (to no) views, shares or engagement.

  • ● Time zones matter! Given that a few hours is enough to bury a post on Twitter and Facebook, it’s critical to factor this into the timing of these posts if you’re serious about maximizing their reach and making sure as much of your target audience as possible is seeing them.

  • ● The timing of your posts can be just as important as the topics when it comes to engagement.

  • ● Posting on YouTube and/or Pinterest can be an effective way to breathe more life into your social posts that are going up on Facebook and Twitter. In other words, social media marketing that incorporates different types of platforms (i.e., those offer both shorter and longer half-lives for posts) is not just smart – it’s also the best way to make sure each that you’re getting the most mileage and engagement from each post you create and publish.

What do you think about the average half-lives of social posts? Do these findings resonate with your social media posts? Or have you had different experiences? Have you discovered any useful tactics for extending the life of your social posts?

Tell me about your social media experiences, challenges and successes on Facebook and LinkedIn. And stay posted for the second part of this series, coming next week, when I’ll share tips on how to maximize the lifespan of your social posts (so you’re get the most out of every post)!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask any digital marketing question or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!