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Content Marketing:

Twitter took away their share count and left people at a loss for words. What are we to do now? Is there an alternative or replacement?

Success Metrics in a World Without Twitter Share Counts via @emcgillivray @moz

How do you elevate your blog post from good to truly brilliant? Use these 7 tips to keep your readers coming back for more.

7 Awesome Tips For Writing Brilliant Blog Posts [Infographic] via @irfanahmad1989 @socialmedia2day

Email marketing is still a critical part of getting your content shared. Take a peek of some of these tips.

27 Email Marketing Expert Tips for Content Marketing via @BillSchick

Gone are the days of a quick hit! Marketers are now encouraged to build long-lasting and engaging materials. What other trends should we be following for the year?

7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2016 via @saumyaraghav

Connecting to your audience is pivotal. The best way to do this is to spark emotion and tell your brand story as if it were a love story.

3 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling Using Emotion via @jsrum @socialmedia2day

Social Media Marketing

Still wondering how to use Snapchat to reach your target audience? Gain insight on how to do do just that with ads and other content.

Snapchat Gains Momentum: New Research via @informedwc @SMExaminer

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. Find out how to use it to build your email list abundantly in one year.

10,000+ Email Subscribers a Month from Instagram in 1 Year: How Foundr Did It via @NathanHChan @PatFlynn

Social media is not just to connect with friends anymore. These platforms are a multi-billion dollar industry. Are you utilizing social media to it’s potential?

How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Search Engines via @VladRascanu @jeffbullas

Join Chris as he analyzes why he thinks social media engagement is down and the future of social media in business.

The Future of Social Media via @ChrisKubbernus @youtube

Reaching all of your followers with every post is unrealistic but there are ways you can increase your reach, organically.

How to Increase Your Facebook Reach @jenniferbeese @sproutsocial

Note from Jason DiNunno, CEO of

Had the chance to grab a blab this week with the fantastic Chris Marr from After connecting with Chris on Snapchat, hearing what he’s all about from there and his podcast it’s clear to see that Chris is a good guy and he ‘get’s it’. After chatting with him over a video call it was even more apparent that he’s doing it right over there in Scotland leading the charge for Content Marketing. Hope you guys enjoy the blab as much as I did doing it and I look forward to providing as much value as I can in future blabs/podcasts/etc. Let me know any feedback or comments you have, simply reply to this email to me directly.