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Content Marketing

Are you ready to take your content marketing strategies to the next level? Then, it may be time to start creating micro-content from your current content. Here’s how to get started…

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Start getting recognized as a content authority in your field – and start seeing better results from your content marketing efforts – using these actionable tips. They can be the key to getting more traffic to your content and seeing more browsers turn into buyers

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Don’t make the mistake of ruining a good piece of content with an off-putting stock image. Find out what stock images to avoid using so you don’t end up sabotaging the content you’ve worked so hard to create!

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If you want to get free insider tips and advice on content marketing, start following some of these influential content marketers on Twitter. Their tweets may hold some ideas for refining and improving your content marketing strategies.

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If you aren’t convinced that content marketing can be effective or worthwhile, check out this insightful analysis of why content marketing really does matter.

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Social Media Marketing

If you feel like you’re constantly juggling all of your social media campaigns, check out CoSchedule’s new Social Campaigns feature. It can help you “keep all your campaign assets organized in one place.”

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Get the inside scoop on one of the latest tools on Snapchat: the ‘Memories’ feature. Here’s how it can help you curate content for your Snaps – and how it could be a sign of the end of the “ephemeral era of Snapchat.”

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Here’s a revealing look at consumer psychology and how you can use it to gain a deeper understanding of your current customers (and prospects). This can help you develop more targeted – and successful – campaigns on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

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Bring out your creative side – and get more out of your social media campaigns – using these insider tips and tricks.

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When you’re ready to update and breathe fresh life into your business’ Facebook page, check out these inspiring examples. They can help you come up with a creative, more engaging concept that gets your brand more attention and connections online.

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6 Tools to Enhance Your Understanding of Your Current Customers, Your Target Audience & Your Ideal Client

The more you know about your current client base, as well as your target audience and ideal client, the better equipped you’ll be to create interesting, compelling campaigns for them. And with more fascinating posts, emails and other content, you’re more likely to:

  • ● Make memorable impressions on your audience

  • ● See more conversions and new leads

  • ● Make current customers returning clients

  • ● Connect with your ideal client(s) and grow your client base.

Of course, there can be various ways to get to know your customers, target audience and ideal client better. And one of the best ways to do so can be by using market research tools that can reveal more about the demographics, as well as the psychographics and online behaviors, of your current, prospective and ideal client(s).

To help you dive into this research, here are some of the most dynamic and effective tools you can use (and the good news is that many of them are completely free!):

1. Google’s Marketer’s Almanac – This tool can reveal important data, insights and consumer trends related to “key moments” throughout the year, like the holiday season, Super Bowl and national holidays. With the Marketer’s Almanac, you can get a better understanding of how consumers behave and make purchases online, based on the major events of any season. This can help you craft the right campaigns to correspond or coincide with the major celebrations and events your customers and audience enjoy.

2. The Media Audit – With this tool, you can find out more about your audience’s spending habits on “hundreds of products and services” to discover what appeals to them the most. Known as the “most comprehensive media audience measurement and consumer intelligence [tool] in today’s changing marketplace,” The Media Audit provides data at the local, regional and national level to help businesses of any size market to their ideal customers.

3. Nielsen’s MyBestSegments – Whether you need to know exactly who your best customers are or where to find them, this tool can help. With MyBestSegments, you can identify the best ways to reach your ideal clients while discovering “untapped opportunities for market expansion and growth.” That can be the key to helping you “build effective location strategies and maximize sales.”

4. Social Mention – Want to know who’s talking about your business in social media? Use Social Mention to “easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.” This tool can help you monitor specific mentions across more than 100 different social media properties, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

5. BurellesLuce – When you want to monitor mentions of your brand in wider scope than just social media, use this tool. With BurellesLuce, you can get detailed information regarding “general mentions or specific references affecting your organization’s media coverage from national and local print, broadcast, video, and online and social media sources.” This data can provide you with “everything you need to start organizing and managing your media relations and public relations efforts” so that you can “intelligently plan future campaigns.”

6. HubSpot’s Make My Persona – This tool provides a step-by-step guide for “creating your own personalized buyer persona.” Once you’ve created a detailed persona, you can start dialing into the language, topics and habits of your current, prospective, and ideal clients, positioning your digital marketing campaigns for maximum success.

What tools and/or tactics have you used to improve your understanding of your current, prospective and/or ideal clients? Which ones have you found to be more (or less) effective?

Tell me more about your experiences and results on Facebook and LinkedIn. And stay posted for the upcoming weekly when I’ll share some essential social media marketing strategies.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get a hold of me on social media to ask me any digital marketing question, find out more about Digital Authority’s holiday specials, or just to say ‘hi.’ I look forward to hearing from you!