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Content Marketing:

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Social Media Marketing

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The Marketing Psychology Series: The What, Why & How of Demographics (Part 2)

Picking up from last week’s discussion on How to Pinpoint Your Target Audience, this week, I’m going to take it a bit further and dive into demographics.

Basically, demographics are the characteristics of a given group and/or smaller segments of that group. When framing demographics in digital marketing terms, this can mean the age, gender, and location of an online audience. It can also refer to the social media use habits, online spending habits, etc. of that audience.

How to go about finding this information out about your specific audience will depend on the platforms you’re currently using (and many of the most popular ones – including Google, Facebook, and Twitter – have free analytics tools you can use to easily get a clear picture of these details).

Understanding these aspects of your target audience can be the key to targeting the right segment of your broader target audience with the right message – and doing so at the right time and via the right point of contact (whether that be a social media post, a targeted email blast, etc.).

How to Apply/Use Your Demographics Data

So, now that I’ve touched on what, why and how of demographics, I’m going to dive even deeper into the how and share some helpful insights on how you can apply your demographics data (and start using it to refine your content, posts and various digital marketing strategies).

In order to really be effective at applying your demographics data, it’s important to also understand the demographics for various platforms. This can uncover the best platform(s) for your brand – as well as how to shape your messages (and when to post them) on these platform(s).

The following table highlights the demographics data for some of the leading social media platforms (according to Sprout Social). This information can be extremely helpful when you’re ready to start using your demographics data to refine your social media (& digital) marketing strategies:


The Bottom Line: Why Demographics Matter

When it comes to demographics, the bottom line is that taking some time to understand demographics can be pivotal to creating more targeted content and messages (based on demographic information for your target audience and its segments). That, in turn, can help you:

  • ● Better connect with your audience while making a more meaningful (and potentially longer lasting) impression on them

  • ● Grow your brand’s presence and authority online

  • ● Benefit from more traffic, more conversions and more new leads.

Have you used demographics data to develop more targeted content/messages/posts for your audience? Do you need help getting started? Tell me more about your experiences with demographics on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or feel free to shoot me a question about any aspect of digital marketing (or just say ‘hi’)!

And stay posted for the upcoming edition in the marketing psychology series when I’ll discuss psychographics!