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Content Marketing:

Cut down the time you spend on content promotion by automating some of your processes with these helpful tools. They may just expand the reach of your content – and garner you more brand authority online – in less time (and with less work)!

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Follow this easy-to-use checklist to start creating more compelling content that will get you more traffic – and better engagement from your audience.

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Don’t think content marketing works for your brand or industry? Or do you think content marketing costs a lot to generate results? Think again! Here’s why, along with some of other myths – and the real facts – about content marketing and why it matters.

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Have you been holding off on content marketing for your business because you don’t have any money to invest in it? Or because you believe you can’t write interesting content? See why budget (& your writing skills) should NOT hold you back from diving into content marketing and using it to leverage more attention, as well as more potential clients, for your business.

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Here is some actionable advice you can use to improve your content marketing strategies and refine your efforts. These insights may just reveal how you can maximize the ROI for your content marketing investments.

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Social Media Marketing

Here’s the secret formula to writing an irresistible connection request on LinkedIn. These tips can help you grow your professional connections online, gaining exposure and attention for your business.

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Start using Instagram like a pro with these insider tricks, hacks and features. These insights can help you take your Instagram strategies and posts to the next level.

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If you aren’t seeing the results you want from Facebook ads, here are some essential steps to take to start reversing that trend. These tips can help you get your Facebook ads in front of the right audience and possibly generate more money from your ads.

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Even though Pinterest has more than 100 million active users, many businesses are not active on this network. Be the first in your industry – or dive in to start smoking the competition – with these helpful tips for using Pinterest ads to generate attention (and sales) for your business.

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Whether you’re just getting started on Pinterest for your business – or you haven’t seen the following you hoped for, here are some useful tips on how to expand your Pinterest following and maximize attention for your brand on this popular social media site.

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The Marketing Psychology Series: How to Pinpoint Your Target Audience (Part 1)

Knowing how people operate and what motivates them to take action are important aspects of digital marketing. In fact, with a deeper understanding of marketing psychology, you can figure out who your target audience is, where (and when) they are online, and what you need to do to get their attention and compel them to respond to your calls-to-action.

And these insights can be important to:

  • ● Refining your content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and other digital marketing efforts

  • ● Cutting through the noise and distractions online

  • ● Making your brand memorable and improving engagement with your audience (so they will want to find out more about your brand)

  • ● Generating more conversions, prospects and new clients for your business.

To help you start gathering this essential intel for your business, I’ll be sharing some helpful information over the coming weeks as part of our Marketing Psychology Series. This multi-week series will delve into topics like psychographics, ideal clients and demographics. And to kick it off this week, I’m going to start by discussing target audiences – and how to figure out exactly who makes up your business’ target audience.

Dialing into Your Target Audience: 4 Essential Questions to Ask (& Answer)

Whether you’re just getting a business going and starting to determine who your target audience is – or your business has evolved over the years and it’s time to revisit and redefine your target audience, here are some key questions to ask yourself (and answer) in order to start revealing exactly who makes up your target audience:

  • 1. What needs do my product(s) and/or service(s) fulfill? – In other words, what problem(s) does your business solve? What solution(s) are you offering? What does any customer have to gain from patronizing your business? And how are you different from (and, ideally, better than) your competitors?

  • 2. Who is most likely to benefit from the product(s) and/or service(s) my business offers? – Think critically about the type of customer who would gain the most value from your offerings. Consider whether this customer is aware of the “problem” that your business solves and whether people are really looking for the “solution” your business provides.

  • 3. Who are my current customers or clients? – Details matter here. Take some time to assess the trends in your client base to determine precisely who your brand is currently appealing to. Some of the important details to take note of here include gender, age range, and location of your client. You can take this a step further to create a ‘character’ profile of your average client (that details more specifics like whether (s)he goes to school, works, travels, is active online, etc.).

  • 4. How are my current clients buying from my business? – Are you selling your product(s) and/or service(s) through a brick-and-mortar storefront? Or online? Are your clients mostly locals within your neighborhood? Or are they from across the state (or the nation or world)? This will reveal more about how to shape your message – and possibly where you need to be sending your marketing messages in order to reach your target client.

These questions are, of course, just the beginning of the process. As you continue and dig deeper, you’ll likely uncover more revelations that can

  • ● Help you define, find and engage with your target audience

  • ● Be the key to developing targeted campaigns and strategies.

Have you experienced any challenges (or successes) in defining or connecting with your target audience? Tell me more about them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

And stay posted for the upcoming editions of this series when I’ll share more important insights about marketing psychology!