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Content Marketing:

Are you finding it challenging to create interesting content for your company’s service and/or product pages? If so, here are some helpful tips for drafting unique, compelling content for your brand.

Five useful ways to create content for service and product pages via @ADiSilvestro @sewatch

Visuals can take your content to the next level. Here are some useful (& little-known) tools for creating diverse, dynamic visuals for your content. They may just help you boost traffic to your site!

7 Less Obvious Tools to Improve Your Visual Content via @danlsteiner @CMIContent

Understanding how your target audience perceives your content can be the key to improving your content & how your audience engages with it. Check out this case study for some fascinating insights about how online audiences evaluate – and connect with – content.

How Do Audiences Assess Your Marketing Content? via @salesvpi @MKTGInsiders

Attraction content is interesting, sharable content that people want to consume. Here is an essential guide for how to create attraction content and use it to drive more traffic (& new potential clients) to your site.

Attraction Content: The Foundation of a Smart Content Marketing Strategy via @demianfarnworth @copyblogger

Action content is designed to inspire your audience to follow a specific call-to-action, like contacting you. Find out how to create action content and use it to generate more conversions and profits for your business.

Content with a Purpose: 5 Tips to Map Your Content to the Buyer’s Journey via @demianfarnworth @copyblogger

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that Tweets with images see about 35% more retweets (than those without images)? Here’s what you need to know about using images to maximize audience engagement with all of your Tweets (and other social media posts).

How to Double Your Social Engagement With Images via @MPatterson22 @convince

Are you starting to feel like managing your brand’s social media accounts is a big time drain? If so, here are some tips that can help you be more productive & effective as you manage your social media campaigns. They may even hold the key to unlocking more attention and authority for your brand online.

Productivity for Social Media Managers via @TheMiddle @SproutSocial

Here are some invaluable tips & tools for getting the best ROI from your Facebook ad investments. These insights may be integral to helping you spend less time and money on Facebook ads while seeing more conversions from them.

10 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips & Features via @Kissmetrics

If you want to grab Millennials’ attention on Snapchat, here’s what you need to know and do. These tips can help you leverage one of the fastest-growing social media platforms to promote your brand – & generate far more interest and attention for it.

5 Ways To Reach Millennials With Snapchat @MassPlanner

If your tweets aren’t getting replies, retweets or any kind of attention, it’s time to change your strategies! Here are some proven tips you can use to start tweeting more strategically and see better engagement on Twitter.

8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement via @kenneth_waldman @getresponse

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I’m proud to announce that Digital Authority is now publishing weekly blogs, focused on sharing the latest insider tips, insights and news about digital marketing! These blogs are meant to be easy-to-read, useful guides for learning – or refining your skills, knowledge and strategies related to – nearly any aspect of digital marketing.

The goal is to share and reveal ways in which you may be able to:

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Recently, Digital Authority’s blog posts have focused on social media marketing (specific to Twitter), with some of the most recent postings including:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! I have lot more fascinating blogs in the works for the coming weeks (and months!). Some of the various other topics I’ll cover in upcoming blogs include (and are not at all limited to):

  • ● Content marketing

  • ● Social media marketing

  • ● Email marketing

  • ● Analytics

  • ● Interesting topics and questions YOU send me!

So, let me know what you think of the new Digital Authority blogs – or send me your digital marketing questions – on Facebook or Twitter. And stay posted for more big announcements soon!