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Content Marketing:

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Social Media Marketing

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Note from Jason DiNunno, CEO of

I wanted to share with you how we’ve gotten over 100,000 impressions before we’ve launched. Hopefully to help you, whether you’re launching a business or product/service line. We’ve been building our audience on Twitter for the last 4 months on @DAuthorityco and prior to that about a year on my personal account @JasonDiNunno. Testing and using only our own services before we’ve taken on any clients, to prove the concept. In fact, this is only half of our services as we haven’t even created a piece of content yet, but still here are some results from just the last 28 days on Digital Authority’s Twitter Account and my personal account in the last day alone.



In this time we’ve worked out our systems and processes to be able to duplicate this for our clients as we tested again on my wife and our cleaning business. Still yet to create a piece of content, using only Twitter we are able to get these kinds of impressions. We were even mentioned in a article which is exactly our demographics for our target audience for that business.


As we finish up our initial content, which we want to be epic, we’ll be able to promote that content to an already existing audience. Remember that it’s not just about the content that you create, it’s who sees that content, it’s about how you promote it. Start building your audience now, if you haven’t already for whatever product or service line or business that you’re launching and build upon that. Start collecting emails (hmm.. Weekly Authority?) and build buzz before you launch! (Add me on Snapchat) for behind-the-scenes and Early Access as we Launch! 😉