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Content Marketing:

Building a brand requires carving “out a piece of people’s brains” – and it can happen in a matter of months. If you are just starting to build your brand, check out this insider’s guide to cultivating brand power and recognition when building a brand from the ground up.

How to Build a Brand from Nothing via @hnshah

Quality content can be the key to getting attention, shares and more traffic online. Here’s a helpful resource that explains how to craft compelling, high-quality content so you’re getting the most out of your content marketing efforts and investments.

How To Write Quality Content For Your Website via @BrwnBoxBranding

Do you feel like your business is stagnating? Or are you unsure about the direction your business is taking? If so, here are some valuable tips to help you move past the stress, anxieties or challenges that may be holding you back so you can “find yourself back on top of the world in no time.”

Re-Ignite Your Business Passion in 3 Steps via @LesyaLiu @KaylaCurry1

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of promoting your blog content – or if you’ve tried promoting your blogs before with minimal (if any) success, here are some “tried-and-true promotional strategies that really work.” This guide may just reveal what you need to know in order to “watch your blog gain traction and start growing the thriving audience you’ve dreamed of.”

How to Promote Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide via @CorbettBarr @Fizzle

Getting your brand’s blog noticed in the crowded, noisy online world may not be as challenging as you think – especially if you start using some of these tactics that have been proven to work for some of the most successful professional bloggers.

How to Make Your Brand New Blog Or Website Stand Out From The Masses via @dreckbaerfrau @TheSocialMs

Social Media Marketing

Is your target audience primarily on Facebook or some other social media platform? If you don’t know the answer, here’s a step-by-step guide for determining where (& how) your target audience prefers to be social online. This can help you can start to effectively refine your social media marketing strategies.

How to Discover Your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms via @bethjhayden @copyblogger

Blindly diving into Twitter for a business can cause you to waste a lot of time (and other resources). To help you start successfully Tweeting for your brand, check out this best practices guide. It may hold the keys to helping you enjoy the best possible results (and engagement) as you get started Tweeting for your brand.

The Twitter Best Practices HandbookThe Twitter Best Practices Handbook via @SproutAlexYork @SproutSocial

Although Facebook is technically free, shelling out a few bucks here and there to promote certain posts is quickly going from luxury to necessity. If you are waffling over the decision about whether (or when) to pay for better visibility for your brand’s Facebook posts, here are some helpful tips and important factors to consider. They can help you make the right investments that will see the best ROI in terms of your Facebook marketing efforts.

Is It Time to Pay For Better Facebook Reach? via @meetedgar

If you’ve been holding off on using Snapchat for your brand because you’re not sure how to dive in (or you’re overwhelmed by the unique language of Snapchat), it’s time to put your concerns aside and delve into this beginner’s guide to Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat: A Guide for Beginners @emilyacopp @hootsuite

Knowing how to spend your social media marketing budget can help you get the most out of every dollar spent – and it can be integral making sure your efforts and investments are paying off with viable new leads. Try out this easy-to-follow approach when you’re ready to make your social media marketing budget work for you – and start paying you back.

Social Media Marketing on a Budget: The 4-step Approach That Works via @neilpatel

The Digital Marketing Resources Edition: Using TED Talks & Commencement Speeches to Enhance & Inspire Your Digital Marketing Strategies (Part 6)

Combining innovators, education and inspiration, TED talks and commencement speeches are this week’s focus in our multi-part series on some of the greatest online digital marketing resources I’ve come across.

Before I dive in, I’d like share a brief word about the topics for this week (as resources shared in previous weeks – like online courses, eBooks and podcasts – may seem like more obvious go-to materials for digital marketing insights).

What TED Talks and commencement speeches can bring to the table and add to the discussion, though, are:

  • ● Greater understandings of a specific subject, as well as the bigger picture (like how digital marketing fits into a business’ overall goals, how a business can engage with a community, and what to expect in terms of the future of digital marketing)

  • ● Advice from highly respected entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and others who have already experienced failures and challenges – and who have overcome these to realize success.

So, without further ado, here are the resources I’d like to share with you this week…

TED Talks

TED Talks is a “video series of great talks and performances, filmed at TED conferences, independent TEDx events and on other stages worldwide.” The goal of TED Talks is to “make great ideas accessible,” to spark conversations and to “change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.”

The more than 2,200 videos in the TED Talks catalog (all of which are 18 minutes or less) feature talks from inspired thinkers, industry leaders and innovators who share their unique and invaluable insights into topics and issues related to business, science, global issues, and much more. Currently, TED Talks are available for free (in more than 100 different languages).

A few examples of the fascinating TED Talks available right now (and that can provide deeper insights into the various facets of digital marketing – as well as entrepreneurship and growing a business) include:

Online Commencement Speeches

Also inspirational and featuring highly respected figures, commencement speeches that are available online can be enlightening while sharing new perspectives in a powerful way.

Watching commencement speeches (like when you may be facing a new project, challenge or juncture) can be remarkably helpful to getting yourself to think outside of the box – possibly both in terms of specific ideas and new ways of thinking. And that can end up giving you the momentum, motivation and/or powerful new insights necessary to get to the next level.

Some of the best commencement speeches I’ve run across include:

Have you run across any online digital resources that you have found especially helpful or influential? If so – or if you just have a question or want to discuss a specific digital marketing issue/challenge, don’t hesitate to get ahold of me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

And stay posted for the conclusion to this Digital Marketing Resources series, coming in the next Weekly.

Until then, follow me on SnapChat for more actionable tips and helpful advice on digital marketing!