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Content Marketing:

Social sharing can be the key to effortless (and free) content distribution. Here are some useful hacks for sharing your quality content on social media so it gets noticed, liked and shared by others.

8 Proven Social Media Hacks You Can Use for Content Marketing via @StevenMacd0nald

If you aren’t getting enough (or any leads) from your content marketing efforts, try implementing some of these tips. They may just help you bridge the gap and turn more of your audience into prospective clients.

Overcoming Lead Generation Problems To Grow Your Business via @getresponse

When blogs fail to get the conversions you need and want, making this key change can be pivotal to attracting more readers and getting more of those readers to respond to your call-to-action.

A Simple Yet Effective Way to Convert Blog Visitors Into Customers via @neilpatel

Simply building a website and publishing content does not necessarily guarantee that you will get traffic, that your visitors will stay on your site, or that they will respond to your calls-to-action. When engagement and conversions rates are falling short, here are some concrete tips to use to start reversing the trends and getting a better ROI from your site (and digital marketing efforts).

Engage and Convert Site Visitors – 9 Tips to Make it Happen via @kerrycreas @MKTGInsiders

Shout, an add-on for Gmail, allows you to embed content in emails and on the web without a single line of code. See how this essential tool can transform how your sales and marketing teams interact – and how that can position for your brand for more profits and success.

The One Tool You Need to Close the Gap Between Sales & Marketing via @kellohara @Uberflip

Social Media Marketing

If you run Facebook ads for your business, here’s what you should know about some of the latest updates to Facebook targeting and how they can help you target the exact customer you wish to reach.

Facebook’s Detailed Targeting—What You Need to Know via @TheKylerP @sejournal

If you’re running a social media campaign for a small business, these tips can help you break through the noise, get noticed and position your next campaign for maximum success.

Punch Through Social Media Noise In 5 Steps via @alseoblog @getresponse

Are you ready to really start gaining traction for your brand and get noticed on Instagram? If so, check out this revealing case study on how one industry expert exponentially grew his brand’s Instagram following – to 10,000 followers – within 14 days.

A Guide on How To Get More Followers on Instagram: 10.000 Instagram Followers in 2 Weeks via @NathanHChan @FoundrMag

Geofilters on Snapchat allow you to share branded content that can capture and hold your audience’s attention. Here’s a helpful guide on how to get started using geofilters for your brand’s Snaps.

A 3-Step Guide to Using Snapchat’s New On-Demand Geofilters @ShawnRyan_1 @socialmedia2day

If you don’t know how social media fits into your current sales funnel, check out this helpful guide. It may just reveal how you can adjust your sales funnel, incorporate social media, and improve sales (and profits).

How to Build Social Media Into Your Sales Funnel via @kevanlee @buffer

The Digital Marketing Resources Edition: Online Courses to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Skills & Strategies (Part 5)

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Online courses are a great way to get involved in a subject and really deepen your knowledge, taking it to the next level. Interactive and available anytime or anywhere, many online courses are available for free – meaning that you really only need to find time (rather than money) to spend on these courses when you are ready to refine and enhance your skills and/or knowledge related to a given subject.

While I recently pointed out some online courses on digital marketing that are taught by industry experts (in this Weekly – check it out now if you missed it!), today, I’m going to share some online courses offered by prestigious universities (and other entities).

These essential resources can help you improve anything from writing and communication skills to business marketing, management and transformation strategies:

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is an online database of “virtually all MIT course content.” Available to anyone in the world, this valuable resource currently offers free access to 2,340 courses, including (but not limited to) business, humanities, science and engineering courses. OCW is regularly growing as new courses are released at MIT, and some of the helpful courses (in terms of digital marketing) include (course number in parentheses after the course title):

  • ○ Entrepreneurial Marketing (15.835)

  • ○ Listening to the Customer (#15.821)

  • ○ Technology-based Business Transformation (#15.965)

  • ○ Writing and Rhetoric: Rhetoric & Contemporary Issues (#21W.011)

edX – This incredible resource is an “online learning destination” that offers “high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.” Providing courses from institutions like (and not at all limited to) Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT, and the Smithsonian, edX offers the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about nearly any topic. While some courses may be free, others are offered at various costs (depending on the nature of the course and the specific course provider).

Via edX, you cannot only take courses from some of the world’s best professors (any time or anywhere), but you can also learn via interactive labs, discussion forums and assessments, providing a more dynamic (and, perhaps, stimulating) learning experience. Just a small example of the types of courses offered by edX include:

  • ○ Marketing Analytics: Data Tools & Techniques (from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania)

  • ○ Digital Marketing, Social Media & e-Commerce for Your Business (also from The Wharton School)

  • ○ Entrepreneurship 102: What Can You Do for Your Customer? (from MIT)

  • ○ Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making (from Delft University of Technology)

● CreativeLive’s 30 Days of Genius – This online course is a “special series of Chase Jarvis LIVE, featuring the world’s top creative and entrepreneurial minds of our time.” Providing daily insights and lessons (via videos sent to you by email) for 30 days, this series shares tips and advice regarding “how to dance with your fears, rather than eliminate them, and stand out in a crowded marketplace by embracing your inner genius.”

● Udemy’s Courses for All Bloggers – Offering free and paid online courses, Udemy is the “new geeks’ guide to master blogging.” With more than 40,000 courses available, this resource offers courses on everything from content generation, web hosting and web design to SEO, social media and email marketing. As an added feature for users, Udemy also posts the reviews and ratings users have given each course (so you can get more information about whether others found a specific course offering to be helpful or not).

Have you taken any enlightening or helpful online courses? If so, tell me more about your experiences on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stay posted for the next edition of this Digital Marketing Resources series, when I’ll share more helpful resources. And until then, follow me on Snapchat for more actionable tips and advice on digital marketing!