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Content Marketing:

Did you know that it typically costs six to seven times more to acquire new clients (when compared to the costs of retaining current clients)? Here’s what you need to know to cultivate customer loyalty, retain more clients and see better engagement (and more profits).

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty at Every Touch Point via @jairawat @convince

This insightful guide reveals how the behaviors of the general online consumer have evolved – and what your company can do to capture their attention and business in a crowded online arena.

Consumer Habits Are Changing: 5 Ways Small Business Marketing Can Keep Up via @staciechalmers

Well-written blogs can be some of the most compelling, shareable content. Here are some dynamic tools you can use to craft “the perfect blog every time.”

10 Proofreading Tools to Make Your Blog Posts Sharable via @marywalton27 @MKTGInsiders

You don’t have to spend big (or any) bucks to get helpful tools for developing great content. Here’s a list of some free, valuable content creation tools that are definitely worth trying out.

10 Free Content Creation Apps You Need Now via @mvpvisuals @socialmedia2day

Get some insider predictions about what the future of content marketing looks like from a handful of leading content marketers in the U.S.

The Top 5 Content Marketers and What You Can Learn From Them via @SujanPatel @Entrepreneur

Social Media Marketing

Snapchat Memories lets you share pictures and videos outside of Snapchat to your story. See how this new feature holds some powerful potential and opportunities for brands on Snapchat.

Why Snapchat Memories Will Be Pivotal (And Why Marketers Are So Excited) via @Ashread_ @buffer

Being able to directly engage with clients – and to transparently resolve customer issues – are just two of the various advantages that businesses can enjoy (and benefit from) when using social media as an outlet to deal with customer service issues.

The Benefits of Using Social Media for Customer Service via @clutch_co @socialmedia2day

The best hashtags on Instagram can get your posts discovered by millions, vastly expanding the reach of and following for your business. Here are some pro tips to dialing into the best hashtags for your brand’s Instagram posts.

How To Use The Best Hashtags For Instagram To Grow Your Reach via @jimit_ab @socialpilot_co

These useful tips uncover some of the most effective ways to use Twitter for your brand. They may just provide the key to increasing traffic to your site (and seeing more conversions and new clients).

15 Great Ways to Use Twitter To Market Your Business Successfully @amerkawar @tweepi

Here are some essential Twitter tools that you can use to monitor how users are engaging with your brand online – and to effectively manage a brand crisis or major problem (should one ever arise in the future).

8 Twitter Monitoring Tools to Help Grow Your Brand via @michaelillas @mention

The Digital Marketing Resources Edition: Free eBooks to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Skills & Strategies (Part 4)

eBooks are a great way to dive deeper into a topic – like digital marketing – and start gaining deeper insights once you’ve got some fundamentals under your belt. Instantly available to buy (and later access) from mobile or desktop devices alike, eBooks can give you more tools for refining your digital marketing skills and knowledge.

That, in turn, can take your social media strategies, as well as your content marketing, email marketing and other strategies, to the next level, which can be the key to helping you achieve more:

  • ● Engagement and online authority

  • ● Traffic to your site

  • ● Conversions, new clients and brand growth.

So, as you start delving more into the world of digital marketing, here are a handful of essential (and free!) eBooks I recommend starting out with:

  • Hiten Shah’s The Content Marketing Playbook – Written by the co-founder of QuickSprout, this eBook strips away all of the misinformation and hype about content marketing to show you how to solve problems – and use your content marketing efforts as “an engine of growth and revenue.” Through this eBook, you can learn from a “tried and true system for writing great content, producing it at scale, and turning it into results.”

  • Copyblogger’s A Content Marketing Strategy That Works – Written by Brian Clark, this eBook takes you beyond just creating compelling content so you can start publishing content that will “build an audience that builds your business.” In a quick 18-page read, this eBook explains the specific steps necessary to becoming more influential that the “experts” and transforming your audience into new clients.

  • Buffer’s 25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today – Pulling together some of the most effective social media strategies shared in Buffer blog posts, this eBook features proven tactics that Buffer pros “greatly recommend trying” because “the strategies mentioned in this eBook are the ones that have worked for us.” Through short, to-the-point chapters, this eBook explains how to start using various social media platforms to expand your brand’s visibility, reach and pull online.

  • Moz’s The Beginners Guide to SEO – Covering all areas of SEO, this eBook “provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional-quality search engine optimization.” In 10 concise, easy-to-understand chapters, this eBook breaks down the essential elements and factors that influence SEO while dispelling common (and harmful) SEO myths that can sabotage a site’s performance.

  • Unbounce’s Attention-Driven Design – Subtitled “23 Visual Principles for Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages,” this eBook is an essential “guide to eliminating distraction and getting the conversions you deserve.” Written by Oli Gardner, this eBook “takes you on a journey towards achieving visual simplicity through psychology and interaction design – with plenty of real-web examples.”

  • Marketo’s Conversions, Not Campaigns – Providing a revealing look at what engaging conversion looks like, this eBook shares tactics and strategies for improving email marketing campaigns so they are more “relationship-oriented” – and so that they continuously build “engagement with consumers, one by one and over time.” In addition to pointing out why the traditional email marketing tools just don’t cut it any more, this email marketing guide shares a handful of dynamic ways to think about email marketing in terms of “conversions and not campaigns.”

  • Hubspot’s The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing – Whether you are looking to expand or brush up on your digital marketing knowledge and skills, this eBook “can serve as your essential guide to setting up an implementing a successful online marketing strategy, step by step.” In 6 chapters, this eBook uncovers how to optimize websites, create quality content, go social for your brand, and nurture conversions and leads.

Have you come across any insightful or helpful eBooks on digital marketing? Tell us more about them and share your experiences with us on Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

And stay posted for our next Weekly, when I’ll share some more powerful (and free!) resources that can help you improve your digital marketing skills and knowledge.

Until then, let’s connect and engage in social media – I look forward to finding out more about you, your business and your digital marketing triumphs and challenges.