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Content Marketing:

These powerful strategies and tools can be the key to enhancing your site’s traffic – and your brand’s visibility – without spending big bucks.They can also help you get noticed in “on a web that screams louder everyday.”

11 Awesome Tactics and Tools to Grow Traffic That Sticks via @JeffBullas

Did you know that more than half of the people who share content on Facebook share things they believe will be “useful”? Check out some more fascinating findings from a recent study that focused on revealing just what triggers people to share content on Facebook.

New Study Looks at What Motivates Facebook Users to Share Content [Infographic] via @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

Fresh content can boost a site’s rankings – but that is not always the case.This case study uncovers just how fresh content can be valued and ranked by Google – and some of the indicators that Google uses to determine when content is “fresh.”

10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings (Updated) via @CyrusShepard @moz

Optimized content can see better rankings and drive more traffic to a site. These insider tips demystify SEO and clearly highlight how to craft optimized content that will do well with both search engines and users.

SEO Cheat Sheet for Better Content Marketing via @KCotch @toprank

User-generated content, which provides relevant info without trying to sell anything, can be effective at building relationships with potential clients while amplifying a brand online. Here’s how to maximize the benefits and reach of your user-generated content.

3 Ways to Grow Your Business With User-Generated Content via @alterjoanna @marketo

Social Media Marketing

Do you think that LinkedIn is only for job seekers and headhunters? Think again! Here’s the truth behind that misconception – and a few others – about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn – 3 Big Myths About How To Use It via @JaakkoPaalanen @leadfeederapp

Keeping your brand active on social media doesn’t have to be a time drain – especially if you take advantage of these tools.

9 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers via @iconiContent @smexaminer

If your business doesn’t have a presence on Instagram, now is the time to get started – and here are some easy-to-follow guides that reveal how to dive in, get noticed and see great results.

Instagram Marketing 101: Grow Your Following With These 7 Guides and 5 Courses via @neilpatel

This insider’s guide to Snapchat can help you stay ahead of the curve and master the art of storytelling on Snapchat.

Article 4: How to Rock Snapchat like a Pro via @AustinIuliano @medium

If you aren’t using these tactics on Instagram, you’re likely not using your resources as efficiently as possible – and your profits are likely suffering as a result. Here’s how to change that and start making your Instagram efforts as profitable as possible.

The 7 Characteristics of a Profitable Instagram Strategy via @JDScherer @Wishpond

The Digital Marketing Resources Edition: How to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Knowledge & Skills for Free via YouTube (Part 1)

The Internet holds a wealth of information about nearly every topic under the sun – and that means you can pretty much track down free information about nearly anything you would want to learn about or brush up on, including digital marketing.

The flipside of this, however, is that it can be difficult to find the right information and reliable sources. And that can mean that you end up spending a lot of time (and possibly other resources) sifting through materials and looking for the resource(s) that share effective, actionable intel that will get the results you want.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to pour through endless sites looking for the best free information about diving into digital marketing. I’ve already done that and am sharing what I have found to be some of the most valuable, free resources.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing various resources and opportunities for free, helpful information and/or courses on digital marketing. This week, I’m kicking off the series by sharing free digital marketing resources on YouTube. Here are some of my top recommendations:

  • Video Creators – Headed up by Tim Schomoyer, this YouTube channel provides insider information on “how to leverage YouTube as a social media platform and use it to build an audience that cares about your message.” Via this channel, Tim provides new information, helpful tricks, insider tips and Q&As weekly, as well as monthly live training sessions and on-air hangouts.

  • Savvy Sexy Social – Run by Amy Schmittauer, this YouTube channel features shows, tips and advice “for rising stars to achieve greater social connections and brand awareness.” Every week, Amy answers questions, shares tips and provides deeper insight regarding how to get noticed on YouTube (and other platforms) via compelling videos.

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi – Sunny reveals how to “use your YOUness to create a one-of-a-kind brand that people love.” In weekly tutorials, travel diaries and behind-the-scenes vlogs, Sunny reveals dynamic tips for creating engaging videos for your brand that people will want to watch and share.

  • Sue B. Zimmerman – Sue “The Instagram Expert” Zimmerman is “well known now for teaching business owners and marketers all around the world how to use Instagram as a means to bring in new leads and increase their revenues.” On a weekly basis, Sue shares tutorials and advice regarding how to leverage Instagram for your business.

  • Reelseo – This YouTube channel provides “tips and tricks for video marketing.” On a weekly basis, the “Creator’s Tip” (the main video series) offers insider information on how to grow an audience via YouTube, how to convert your viewers into new leads, and how to drive more engagement.

  • Vidiseo – Run by Matt Ballek, this channel provides information for businesses of all sizes to “drive meaningful results using online video.” Providing regular (and award-winning) tutorials, as well as free training courses, Matt can help you drive “targeted viewers” to your brand’s videos so you are getting the best ROI for your video marketing efforts.

What helpful (and free) digital marketing resources have you run across? Tell us more about them and share your insights with us on Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

And stay posted for our next Weekly, when I’ll share some more powerful (and free!) resources that can help you improve your digital marketing skills and knowledge.

Until then, let’s connect and engage in social media – I look forward to finding out more about you, your business and your digital marketing triumphs and challenges.