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Content Marketing:

Marketing automation is easier to implement (and benefit from) than you may think. Check out this straightforward guide to getting started with marketing automation.

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Analytics data can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to look for or how to evaluate the data. Here are some helpful tips for gleaning powerful insights from your analytics data so that you don’t waste your time, energy and attention focusing on useless metrics.

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In the fast-paced world of content marketing and online publishing, delivering new content ASAP can eclipse a brand’s content strategies. In the big picture, that can impact the ROI of content. Here’s why – as well as what you can do to avoid this pitfall.


Are you reluctant to post content on a third-party site? What if it could be pivotal to helping you create viral content? That’s just what happened for this content marketing professional. Here’s how…

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Cultivating trust can be the key to growing a business and providing maximum value to clients. Check out these effective tips for building trust in a business environment. They could just help you enhance your brand’s reputation, authority and client base.

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Social Media Marketing

Personalizing email marketing campaigns can be central to enhancing brand visibility and connecting with the individual who has received the email. Check out these fascinating insights from a digital marketing insider who has “sent enough, seen enough, and learnt enough” to share some effective analytical and tactical lessons about personalized email marketing.

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Instagram can be a powerful platform where businesses can leverage influencers and followers alike. Here are some insightful tips from Foundr Magazine’s Nathan Chan on how to get started with Instagram for your business.

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This case study on some of the most successful Facebook pages reveals some interesting lessons about what really drives engagement versus popularity on Facebook.

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As social media platforms evolve, so too do the available tools for promoting engagement. Check out some of the newest and most dynamic social media tools that industry experts are using to promote their posts and get better responses from their audience.

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When hiring someone to grow your brand’s presence on social media, here’s how to make sure you hiring a pro who can get you results. These tips can help you avoid selecting a less experienced candidate who’s hoping to just “fake it until they make it.”

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Great Processes & Big Challenges – What I Discussed (& Learned) in a Recent Podcast Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed on Ryan Ayre’s Focus 53 Podcast. During this segment, we talked about Digital Authority, how (and why) I started this business, and what my biggest successes and challenges have been so far.

I’d like to share some of key points of this discussion with you this week, as these have been some of my main driving forces – both in developing and growing my business:

My best systems and processes – I’ve found that my best processes are those that work and keep my team cohesive. Simplicity and step-by-step directions have been really helpful in developing processes that work (and that anyone can use).

One of the most powerful processes I’ve developed to date is my process for creating new processes (i.e., SOPs for developing new SOPs). This has been key to:

  • ○ Identifying when it’s time to develop a new process

  • ○ Finding the best ways to nail down new processes

  • ○ Avoiding unnecessary or unusable processes

  • ○ Keeping my team up-to-date and keeping things moving.

My biggest challenges – While new challenges constantly arise in the course of running and growing my business, at this point, one of the biggest challenges has been hiring (and training) new staff as fast as possible in order to scale my business and deliver the highest-quality service to clients.

Facing this challenge head-on, I’ve developed some effective processes for hiring the right staff (so I’m not wasting time and other resources on candidates who won’t be a right fit with my team). Some parts of my hiring process that I’ve put in place to overcome this challenge include:

  • ○ Getting referrals for new candidates

  • ○ Giving prospective new hires a ‘trial’ job so I (and they) can evaluate how we work together

  • ○ Focusing more on the fit with our company culture (rather than strictly looking for technical skills or line items on a resume).

Balancing my business operations – Going after new projects/opportunities versus maintaining current operations is an ongoing challenge for me (and many other business owners). To balance these competing interests, I’ve found that it’s best for me to stay focused on the present and invest more energy into what I have in place right now. That doesn’t mean, however, I have blinders on to new opportunities. It simply means that I’ve found a way to prioritize them and not let them eclipse (or undercut) my current operations.

One of the ways I do this is by tracking these opportunities, as well as my ideas for new projects and campaigns, in Workflowy. This tool/process has helped me stash important ideas, potential opportunities, etc. so they don’t distract or derail me from the day’s priorities – or get forgotten. This also allows me to return to them later with a fresh perspective and new insights.

Discussing and thinking about these topics and issues has made me more aware of my methods and processes – and how I can continue to refine and improve them as I grow my business. Don’t miss the Podcast with Ryan Ayres.

What have your major professional successes and challenges been? How have you accomplished or dealt with them? I’d love to hear more about your experiences on Facebook. And stay posted for next week’s email, when I’ll share some fantastic resources that will help build your business.

(note: In the spirit of full disclosure, some links are an affiliate links, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything from X company. I only recommend products & systems that I use or have used and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.)