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The Tools Series Part 5 – The Email Marketing Edition

Email marketing can be a cost-effective, powerful way to stay connected with prior, current and prospective clients while keeping your brand top of mind.

In fact, research conducted by McKinsey & Company has found that email marketing is:

  • ● Nearly 40 times more effective at helping businesses attract new clients (when compared to Facebook & Twitter combined)

  • ● At least three times more likely to prompt a purchase (than social media)

  • ● Associated with purchases of higher value (when compared to those from social media), with purchases sparked by email marketing being about 17% higher in value.

So now that we’ve made a strong case for the why, it’s time to dive into the how.

With email marketing, automation is the key to getting the best ROI. And the best way to automate is to use the right tools.

So, without further delay, here’s a look at some of the email marketing tools we have used in the past – and some that we currently use. We’ve broken this down into levels based the needs and/or size of businesses.

Helpful Email Marketing Tools for Any Business

  • Starter to intermediate email marketing tools: These are good options for email marketing beginners, startups, and/or small businesses just starting to build their contact list.

    • Mailchimp offers a range of plans, including free starter accounts, as well as more robust options (at various prices). With this tool, it’s relatively easy to make custom emails, schedule their delivery, track their performance and even apply add-on elements (like shopping carts, reengagement emails, etc.)

    • ActiveCampaign, which we prefer, offers a “fully-integrated solution for intelligence-driven marketing and sales.” Also offering a range of plan options (none free, however), ActiveCampaign lets users add dynamic content to emails, as well as track events, manage contacts, score leads, etc.

  • Intermediate-level email marketing tools: These are better suited for mid- to large-sized businesses, those with some email marketing experience and/or businesses with larger contact lists.

    • Hubspot offers “an end to ineffective emails” via a “full-funnel marketing system” that allows users to “easily create, manage and send email that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of [their] marketing.” In addition to offering segmented emailing and features to grow contact lists, Hubspot also provides integrated analytics that make it easier to track how different campaigns have performed.

    • Ontraport has features that can empower businesses to “create beautiful, responsive emails with a few clicks.” Using an “industry-leading postmaster team,” as well as “state-of-the-art email infrastructure,” Ontraport can help brands manage “clean, engaged and responsive” email lists to get them better results. It even offers private IPs for high-volume senders.

    • Infusionsoft offers “automation software that works as hard as you do.” With features that allow users to personalize emails, add forms, track payment history and more, Infusionsoft purportedly provides email marketing options that “help you market smarter, not harder.”

  • Enterprise-level email marketing tool: This is best for large corporations, businesses with significant email marketing experience, and/or companies with massive email contact lists.

    • Marketo offers email marketing solutions for cultivating “long-term relationships with meaningful email conversations at scale.” As Marketo explains, “with our email marketing solution, you can engage your customers as individuals… automatically and at scale.” This can be a powerful tool for larger businesses working to stay connected to thousands of clients at a time.

Have tried out any of these email marketing tools? How have they worked for you? Share your experiences with us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

And stay posted for the next edition of the tools series, when I’ll share some of the tools I use for social media marketing.

(note: In the spirit of full disclosure, some links are an affiliate links, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything from X company. I only recommend products & systems that I use or have used and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.)