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Content Marketing:

This interview with Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer takes a critical look at the future of blogging to answer the question, Is blogging dead?

Is Blogging Dead? Building Your Content Home on Rented Land via @Mike_Stelzner @smexaminer

When resources like time are stretched thin – like too little butter over too much bread, it may be time to rethink how much territory (or bread) you really should be covering.

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Want to figure out if a new piece of content (or a content idea) will be successful at converting? Here’s an easy method to use.

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Readability is key to creating content people will love. Here’s a formula for evaluating the readability of your content.

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Have you been keeping your digital marketing resolutions for 2016? Now’s the time to check in and reevaluate how to achieve (or alter) your digital marketing goals for 2016.

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Social Media Marketing

Start connecting with your clients on Snapchat using the straightforward steps in this guide for beginners.

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Here are some effective strategies for getting your content noticed and shared in different social media platforms.

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When tragedy happens, knowing how to respond appropriately in social media can be tricky. Here’s how to be empathetic and humanize your brand.

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Want the inside scoop and secrets on social media? Here they are. These can help you develop realistic expectations and effective strategies for social media moving forward.

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Facebook Sports Stadium, a real-time, online sports experience sports, has just been launched. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Introducing the Facebook Sports Stadium via @skafka

The Tools Series Part 2 – The Tools I Use for Domains & Hosting

The right set of tools for a business depends on the specifics of that business, including its size and what it does. After all, there’s a big difference between being a one-man show and an enterprise-level business. And dialing into those specific differences can be central to figuring out what tools are right for you and your business.

Think of it this way – would you just go to the doctor and ask for a prescription explaining your symptoms or letting him properly diagnose you? How could a doctor even tell you which medication will actually solve the problem or issues you are experiencing if he doesn’t know what the actual issues are?

With that all said, though, there are many tools that are essential for anyone who is doing business online. We’ll start with the cheap or free versions and work our way up to the higher-level tools.

Tool to Purchase & Manage Domains:

Namecheap is one of my go-to tools when it comes to buying and managing domains (affiliate link). Namecheap provides various purchasing and managing solutions that can be especially effective if you have multiple domains.

As you use Namecheap and look for domains to buy for your business, here are some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Domain extensions – With so many choices out there, it may not be clear whether a .com, .co, .info, .org, .net, etc. will best serve you. Of course, you can stick to .com; if you can’t get the .com, though, .co can be a good second option. I recommend staying away from other extensions unless you’re running a non-profit where .org would make sense. There are plenty of domains available, and if the one that you want is taken, consider purchasing it from the owner.

  • URL length – If you can, try to keep your URL short within 1 or 2 – and no more than 3 – words at most. If possible, try to include your main keyword in the URL. But, remember, we’re way past the times of keyword stuffing, so keep it short and simple (so people can easily remember it). Additionally, watch out for odd spelling or using numbers or dashes, as your audience may have trouble finding you. In other words, try to make it as easy as possible for people to remember your business’ URL.

Tool for Hosting – SiteGround

If you want your website to be secure and always be up and running, it needs to be hosted with a solid company.

Big companies, like BlueHost, probably come to the forefront of people’s minds when considering hosting options. Although they can be just fine for companies working with a shoestring budget, there is a difference between a Hobby site and a Business site. And, when you’re running a business, don’t just go for cheap – because you usually get what you pay for.

Instead, consider investing a couple of extra dollars per month to have faster, as well as more stable and secure, servers hosting your website. My go-to hosting provider/tool is SiteGround. They have various hosting options for a variety of budgets and businesses.

A Final Word about Tools for This Week

With all of the tools out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you are just getting started and/or are self-funded. So, we want to share this final caution or helpful advice: As you start out and pick up your first clients, it’s usually best to keep the tools to a minimum. This can help you conserve your resources while you figure out what tools actually work best for you and your business (versus which ones seem to be a bigger drain on your resources).

Are you ready to talk specifics about the tools that can best serve your business? If so, connect with us on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you and figuring out how you can conserve your company’s resources with the right set of tools!

And stay posted for the next edition of the tools series, when I’ll share some of my favorite WordPress tools & plugins.

(note: In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything from X company. I only recommend products & systems that I use or have used and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.)