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What I’ve Learned from Facebook & Instagram – Part 2

I’m happy to tell you that the first week of running Digital Authority’s Facebook page and Instagram account have gone well! It was pretty simple to quickly integrate the processes that we’ve used on Twitter and Snapchat.

And as I continue to experiment and test new strategies, I’m getting a feel for the cadence, how to enhance our game plan, and what (and when) to publish.

Some things, inevitably, will have to be tweaked, which is all part of the process. Still, even with just a tiny budget of $5 dollars, in 2 days alone we’ve already seen over 1,000 impressions and 75 engagements on those posts. We’ve also received 25 more likes to a brand new Facebook page with little social proof.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in our first week on Facebook and Instagram:

  • ● Stick to a small budget while you’re learning and you’ll be fine – This gives you room to experiment and learn without wasting your money.

  • ● Work your images into the grid to comply with Facebook’s 20% or less text rule – You can read more about that rule here.

  • ● Fine tune your message and deliver it to the right audiences.

What’s really hit home during our first week on Facebook and Instagram is that, really, social media is all about people and that many of yesterday’s marketing principles – Create Awareness, Drive Traffic to Your Offer, and Close the Sale – are still relevant and key to success today.

Of course, along the way, followers can drop off, some posts will fall flat and other hiccups will happen. But it’s about maximizing each step along the way. After all, you can’t maximize what’s not in place. So, the first step is to get started, and then you can start working out your process(es) and optimizing them.

Stay posted for the upcoming third installment of this series, and let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram (if we haven’t already)!