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Weekly Authority #62

How to Use Email Autoresponders to Promote Conversions & Get New Clients: 5 Tips Automation can be the key to working smarter (not harder). In fact, with the right automation tools and processes, you can conserve your resources while seeing better returns from your marketing efforts. In the world of digital marketing automation, email autoresponders […]



Weekly Authority #61

How to Convert Email Subscribers into New Clients: 5 Essential Steps Email marketing can be a great way to connect with potential clients in a forum they check daily (if not more frequently): their inboxes. If you’ve been beating the email marketing drum and haven’t see much in the way of conversions, now’s the time […]



Weekly Authority #60

The Sales Funnel Series Pt. 5: How to Grow Your Email List with Social Media Social media can be a great place to directly connect with potential clients. But being able to cut through the noise, get your audience to notice your brand and compel them to join your email list can be challenging. So, […]



Weekly Authority #59

The Sales Funnel Series Pt. 4: How to Grow Your Email List with Content Email marketing provides an opportunity to connect with your target audience in their inbox, a personal space they may check daily (if not more frequently). This access can be a powerful way to drive prospects through your Sales Funnel and convert […]



Weekly Authority #58

The Sales Funnel Series Pt. 3: How to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media Social media provides a great way to directly engage a target audience, prospects, and clients. By starting and joining conversations on major social networks, you can build a following for and interest in your brand. From there, brand awareness can snowball. […]



Weekly Authority #57

The Sales Funnel Series Pt. 2: How to Increase Brand Awareness with Content Content can be a powerful, cost-effective way to engage with online prospects and make them aware of your brand. But how do you create content that gets noticed, read and remembered (especially when you may only have seconds to grab someone’s attention)? […]



Weekly Authority #56

The Sales Funnel Series: How to Convert an Audience into Clients with Digital Marketing (Pt. 1) It’s no secret that a successful business relies on sales. After all, without sales, a business is just a hobby. And hobbies cost money, rather than generating it. Unfortunately, even if business owners are fantastic at their craft or […]



Weekly Authority #55

Change & Improvements: The New Weekly Authority Design & Format The one constant thing is change. Especially in today’s world, things are moving faster and faster. You can plan all you want, but things will change. You need to be flexible and able to adjust in order to take advantage of the changes and not […]



Weekly Authority #54

Content Marketing Local and national organizations that advertise through direct mail are much more likely to convince consumers to part ways with their hard-earned cash. Here’s why, along with what you can do to leverage direct mail to benefit your brand. The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age via @Taradel_LLC • @KissMetrics Did […]



Weekly Authority #53

Content Marketing Don’t be misled by SEO myths. Get the truth – and put the bad advice behind you – so you can nail SEO and drive more traffic to your blogs and/or other content. 5 Ridiculous SEO Myths Every Blogger Should Ignore via @madlemmingz • @ProBlogger Diving into a new venture – whether it’s […]