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6 Twitter Lead Generation Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Written by Jason DiNunno | @jasondinunno

Cutting through the noise on Twitter to connect with your target audience – and convert them into viable leads – can be challenging. With the right strategies in place, however, you can make Twitter a powerful lead generation tool, positioning you to grow your profits and business.

So, what exactly are the “right” strategies to start generating more – and better – leads from Twitter?

They’re strategies that incorporate the following essential practices.


1. Set the right Tweeting schedule

When is your target audience online? That’s when you need to be Tweeting. So, once you’ve identified who your target audience and ideal client may be, figure out when they’re typically online – and schedule your Tweets around this timing. As part of developing  an effective Tweeting schedule, it’s also important to:

• Devise a schedule that you can realistically stick to so you achieve and maintain “top-of-mind” status with your target audience – If you develop a schedule that you can’t follow, you run the risk of sabotaging your efforts, losing your audience and just becoming part of the white noise on Twitter.

• Try to Tweet on a daily basis – And use scheduling tools (like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.) if you can’t dedicate time every day to Tweeting. Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop, for example, has been tweeting at least 70 times per day.

• Tweet Multiple Times – MeetEdgar, an entire Social Media scheduling app was developed mainly to repeat selected tweets on a regular basis.  The Twitter news feed moves fast and your prospects are likely to miss some of your tweet. If you’re not repeating your important Tweets, then you’re missing out on getting in front of your audience.

• Tweet at a variety of times – When your target audience is on Twitter is when you should be tweeting, but switching things around occasionally brings you infront of a new crowd that might not have seen it prior. Most social media scheduling tools provide research on when your target audience is on Twitter, however, you can get free reports from to get more information to guide your decisions.


Set the right Tweeting schedule to get more Twitter leads


2. Treat your Twitter lead generation posts differently

In other words, your Twitter lead generation posts need to be carefully crafted so they’re effective. Some things to keep in mind for you Twitter lead posts are to:

• Keep it clear and concise – Longer, clunky Tweets won’t convert as well as sharp, concise ones will.

• Make it interesting – Convince your target audience that they want to become a lead. Here’s an example (if we were Tweeting with the intent of getting users to read this article): “Here’s how we got 100’s of good Twitter leads in 48 hours [link]”

• Keep the links and/or hashtags to a minimum Too many links or hashtags will clutter the message and your call-to-action, making it less likely that anyone will click on your link and start moving through your sales funnel.

• Space them out – Punctuate your lead posts with other posts that provide value. If all of your Tweets are focused on trying to generate leads, it can be big turn off to your target audience. After all, people generally don’t like to feel like they’re being “sold” on something – and they want to connect with other people (or something personal) online.  


3. Share the right content

Here, we’re talking about the landing pages shared with your target audience in Twitter lead generation posts. If you send prospectives to an overly generic page (like your site’s Home or About Us page), it can be misleading and feel spammy. And that can stop prospectives from proceeding – and from paying attention to any of your other lead generation posts in the future.

So, when it comes to selecting landing pages that will convert:

• ‘One Page One Goal’ – Oli Gardner Co-founder of Unbounce – As someone who has studied thousands of landing pages for conversion optimization, he champions having only one goal per page. Don’t distract your prospect, there is enough distractions on the internet. Point them to exactly what they should do.

• Get specific – And provide the information promised in your Tweet. If it’s incongruent with the message they clicked, they won’t covert. If necessary, develop Twitter-specific landing pages.

• Keep it concise and interesting – In other words, remember that your audience has come from Twitter and that they’re probably not going to want to pour through a lot of dense copy. So, get to the point fast and clearly deliver your message.


Twitter Lead Rule - Sharing the right content


4. Don’t be afraid to try something new 

Testing out new ideas, new content strategies or even new tools on Twitter can be the key to finding better ways to engage with your target audience and convert them into viable new leads. It may also reveal what doesn’t work or what’s less successful. So, be open to trying out new things, and when you do:

• Evaluate how the new feature did – This will help you dial into just how effective (or not) it performed. If you don’t track and measure the results, how do you know where to double down and where to discontinue?  Make sure you have a goal upfront to measure and consistent tracking system in place to evaluate your results.

• Track the performance of your Twitter lead generation posts – Looking carefully at the data can reveal when (i.e., the times) that your Tweets are most likely to convert, as well as what type of copy, images, etc. are associated with the best leads.

• Consider testing out variations – Test, Test, Test. You never know what the results will be and it’s often contradictory to initial thoughts.  If you’re not testing and trying new things, you’re not optimizing your results. This can inform you of any subtle differences that may have big impacts. For instance, sometimes just a few words can have huge impacts on how well a Tweet converts.


5. Prioritize your viable Twitter leads for follow up

In other words, it’s not just important that you follow up on the leads you gather. It’s also crucial to prioritize these leads so that you’re getting to the most viable ones ASAP. Certain Twitter tools, like Socedo, can be an effective way to prioritize leads, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be able to convert these leads into new clients.


How to prioritize your Twitter leads for follow up


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