The popularity

Instagram, in a very short time has become one of the most popular social media sites where more than hundred million users are documenting their lives through pictures. The level of craziness on Instagram is such that till last December, there has been 40 million photo uploads with more than 1000 comments per second and likes to 8,500 per second. Such is the demand and utility of the service.

Spread your wings

If you are looking forward to broaden your social circle, then limiting it to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube won’t work. Moreover, if you love to click or be clicked, then Instagram is the place for you, where your pool of images can be shared. To make Instagram more happening for you, decide on a theme to focus on and make sure to post high quality and interesting images. If you already have a big enough repository of photography then all you need to do is just curate them.

Wonder works

Instagram was not made for professional photographers; it was more for the people who love to click with their mobiles, hence, filters were added to it, so that Instagram could just pass off an instant camera. Do not fear to use the filters, they are fun and fundamental part of Instagram rather it’s Intagram’s USP. Spending hours with Photoshop to create that perfect picture is not needed, you can take it to the next level with Instagram. Use the additional applications to enhance and edit your photographs. You can use your creativity and woo others. For people who love to capture and share moments, Instagram is the place.