The battle between the duos

The battle between Instagram and Vine is very much known to the mass by now. The application Vine is owned by twitter where it allows the users to take six second video. Whereas the famous and popular Instagram is owned by Facebook which was primarily restricted to photo sharing but has launched a video recording for 15 seconds on June 2013. The day Instagram launched its video sharing Vine’s share dropped by 40 % on twitter. A lot of articles picturerized Vine’s end with Instagram’s video launch.

Niche carving

It will be pretty unfair to state about a restricted status about the two applications. The application Vine has its own culture created with a significant strong base of users mostly among the young adults and teenagers, but for sure that Instagram’s video launch is going to put a huge impact on the application Vine’s usage and growth. It can be thought or believed Vine do have the potential to keep itself differentiated. Within 4 months from its launch Vine had a user base of 13 million. Instagram does have a large user base but it is not so that all the users appreciate the Instagram’s video. Mostly it is found that videos on Instagram are intrusive in their nature, otherwise the interface is simple enough. As it is well known that Instagram started off with photo sharing and now is into video sharing too but it has often been observed that users use the two applications, namely Vine and Instagram for different personalized purpose.


The little bit of difference

Although the two applications provide the platform for creating and sharing videos yet they themselves serve different purpose. The mission of Instagram is “to capture and share the world’s instants.”Various filters are offered to the users and can be used in their videos and making a complete shift to the emotions and settings of the video. Compared to the Vine, Instagram provides a longer recording time of 15 seconds, whereas Vine provide just 6 seconds. With more 9 seconds, the Instagram users can comply more, create and innovate more into one video.

Time is not close

Even though the two applications are facing a lot of comparison every minute it cannot be said that the time has come for Vine’s obsolete. Instagram’s ability to edit videos makes it more appealing to the user more than that of the Vine. Vine already has a user base which is accustomed with the video recording of it with its feature. Parallely, the huge user base of Instagram will encourage them to test the video recording and editing on the same, already there are lot of people who do not like it to an extent. For now, it can be said that the feature each application is providing is enhancing the other one to grow better with more personalization. Hence it can be said that for now both the applications are there to stay and their competition is going to prove beneficial for customers, innovation and the end users.