Not Even Jesus Christ dared too much. The bible attributes the Creation of everything only to God the Father and Almighty Creator, while Jesus is called a master Worker. Instagram did more, even though we are not sure did well in doing it. After its creation by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger that launched it in October 2010, Instagram has been accounted for the creation of unique cliché and stereotype, we couldn’t, or better, we could live without.

Whether it’s the wannabe gangster posing the gym junkie taking topless photos of himself in the mirror or the slightly “emo” disturbed teen taking selfies of himself staring off wistfully into the sunset, writing deep mantras sentences in the caption like: “life is like a star from far, a galaxy in reality”. These are the clichés Instagram has created, and that unfortunately will continue to be prolific and exist. We have an all series full optional of the Guys posing with their or wannabe brand new car; the multi-colored dishes from all over the world in the thousands eaten and photographed by the same slim girl, the envy and question of everyone one on the network

(Where does it all go?); the series of new haircut among which makes his entry “the moustache boys”, which has entire reference hashtags on Instagram; The Picture addict, ranging from a shot of himself in the toilet, and one after 5 seconds preparing food (did he wash his hands?); The “I know everybody” boy, pictured always along a “great crowd of people that no one was able to number” ( to make the quotation sacred), in the midst of parties, even multiple ones during the same night, and in the fake company (fake because the picture is fake or either modified) of famous people. The list could go for long, but the discovery and laughters are better left to Instagram decent users. Yes what Kind of Instagram would we ever have without such things! In reality, did Instagram create anything new?

Instagram steroetype


Well maybe it created the opportunity for pre-existing phenomena or better called stereotypes to come to the fore. Instagram is in reality a free space, with few regulations, that just host passively the immensity of the human psychological complexity or simplicity. There’s space for everyone in this world and Instagram for sure spoused this concept. Has Instagram dared more than Christ? Well not really, but it for sure sold much smoke to the eye!