Social Networks like Instagram are affording new job opportunities for a wide range of people:

From Young people with new ideas to seasoned apps or program developers. Which Job positions are open at Instagram? Being aimed at communication, Instagram looks for Communication Managers, Designers, Researchers of Market Trends, Technology communications Managers, and also Software Developers. Job Opportunities at Instagram reaches several leves, they are not just confined to the ones offered by the company Itself. Several Blogs appeared that suggest a total different approach. They wonder, ‘why not use Instagram as a Link Platform to the many companies and hirers agents who are present on the social network?’ Well, They may not be wrong at all, since as Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said the service has some 16 billion photos that have been shared to date, One billion likes happen each day and more than 130 million users are now on the service.


Great visibility then for those looking for Job! It may be just as simple as starting to follow Companies present on-line, posting pictures of oneself at work with description of one’s skill, and add to your profile a brief description of what you are able to do or would like to, and a link to another profile preferably Linkedn. A further proof that Instagram is a real Job opportunity is also the many related products and services that gravitates around it and that are sprouting on the web at an amazing pace. Think for example of: Instamap which is an app available for iPad that allows users of Instagram to find photos based on their location or a hashtag. Results can be displayed in a gallery or linked to a map; Or  100 Cameras in 1  an app available for iPhone users that provides additional effects for photos uploaded to Instagram.

What about Instaframe, that provides nice multi-pictures set-ups that one can post directly on Instagram or Iconosquare  a free app that provides personal statistics related to Instagram, including number of followers, likes, and comments, along with usage statistics! Other apps developed in connection with Instagram are Printic which offers one of the easiest ways to print and share Instagram pictures from an iPhone. Pictures come in a vintage 3×4 inches (7.62×10.16 cm) format, with an orange envelope and a message for the recipient. Gramatica is another app that gives Instagram users additional photo album options, such as: pinch/zoom, hide photo, and create lists. And Lastly but far from being the last in the list Picfx, a photography app that provides over 100 effects, textures and frames and allows you to share your finished photo on social networks. Well Certainly Instagram plays an important role in providing new and diversified Job Opportunities!