Gone are the days when social networking meant getting in touch with friends and family. Today, social media is the place where you not just interact with people close to you, but also build your customer base in the market, reach your target audience and build a strong brand image. With millions of users interacting in the social media world daily, the amount of time invested on social network too has been growing leaps and bounds. But, is it possible to stay online in social media 24/7? Definitely not. So, how can you save your time and promote your products and services even when you are offline? This blogpost will give you insights into some time-saving social media tips.


  1. Use apps to schedule content: You are present all over the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram – and you want to share with your audience a content that may be of interest to them and build your brand. The best way to share one content across all the platforms is to use apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite, where you can schedule the content to be shared on all your social networks. It not just saves you time, but also ensures that your content reaches a wider audience.


  1. Schedule a time: It is not necessary to sit in front of the computer all through the day to share your content on the social network. You can plan your content, schedule it on the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, using apps or simply changing the timing schedules on those sites, and share the content at your free will and time.


  1. Identify your customer base: This is an important aspect to build your brand if you wish to strike a chord and continue on a long-lasting journey. Do a little bit of research and identify what your customers like and dislike, prepare and plan your content accordingly and spread the word on all popular mediums – blogs, websites, articles, social media posts. This can help you gain more followers and likes on social media. Talking about social media following, have you tried using Digitalauthority – Buy Instagram followers and likes to increase your brand reputation? If not, check it out.


  1. Like your competitors: To stay ahead of your competition, you need to ‘like’ their pages on social network. Use social media tracking tools to study the kind of content your competitors generate, observe their customer response, know what they discuss and share; accumulate your observations and work out a strategy to build your own base and which is unique in its content. Getting more likes on your page is very easy if you share the right kind of content – something that is useful to your profile visitors.


  1. Know your best social channel: It is not necessary that you will get participation from users across all social media platforms. It could be either Twitter or Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest; which may garner more user interactions. Share content across the network and observe where you receive more number of interactions. Build your base around that medium and share content on a regular basis. However, do not stop sharing content on other mediums. What may not click one day, may click the other day.


  1. Ask your customers anything: Interacting with the customers on a regular basis can earn you browny points by not just building your customer base, but also building a trust factor between them and your brand. Post as many questions, suggestions, articles as much as you can on your social media platform. See the reactions that you get from your customers. Interact with them on their suggestions, query, or any other inputs. This helps you in planning your marketing strategy more effectively as you ‘know’ your customer well.


  1. Increase your manpower: In case, you are not finding enough time to devote to social media marketing, you can think of strengthening your manpower. You think you have the content but not the time to share it across all channels. It is better to have someone do it for you. Get more manpower, a team, to develop content, identify your sources, share your content on all social networks. This could save you a lot of time and make your content reach a wider audience. Moreover, you will get hands-on report on your customers and their responses.


These are merely a few tips which you can follow to consume less time on social network and build your brand image and customer base. There are no limits when it comes to sharing on social media. But what you need to identify is the easiest and most effective way in which you can share more content within a limited period of time.