Social media is taking over the world, and the latest in growing trends is Instagram, a mobile app that allows users to easily share photos and videos with their audience. Having a limited number of followers is irritating, whether for your personal account, or for your business. Gaining followers is not too difficult over time, but gaining them at a rate that can take your business brand to the next level is the challenge.

To gain more followers and likes on Instagram, you will need to find the balance between your marketing skills, and sharing your personal life. You will have to create show stopping images that give your audience more than just a boring picture to look at. You will also need to actively engage in the Instagram community. Of course, you can also buy Instagram likes and follows to give you a much needed headstart.

Killer Content

There is no tricking the average social media user, who has millions of profiles that they could potentially follow. Why should people spend their browsing time checking out what you have to share, if all you have are a collection of dull pictures, posted with little context once a month? They would have little reason to follow you. If on the other hand, you could give the, unique, stunning, beautiful images, coupled with witty captions that made them laugh and cry, you might be on to a winner.


Be sure to offer your audience something fresh and original; something that they may share with their friends, who subsequently might decide to follow you. Add filters, and don’t be afraid to edit your image so that it is as eye-catching as it can be. You should also try to share not only your business brand, but also some personal photos too. Each photo should have a clever caption. You can also create collages out of several pics, that tell some sort of story. This is much more contextual and engaging, and will lead to more support from followers.


Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for images to be categorized, so that users can find what is relevant and interesting to them. You can research popular hashtags for your niche, and use these in your photos to gain a wider audience. This is especially useful if you are new to Instagram, and lack your own following. As your following grows, you could experiment with creating your own hashtags, which your audience will become familiar with.


People also search images by location, so a geotag can also be very useful, especially if your business mostly operates in a certain area. With the proper use of hashtags, you can gain more followers and likes very effeciently, and the followers are likely to be genuinely interested in your brand.


Timing Is Everything

Instagram posts feature most heavily on feeds for a few hours when they are first released, unless they gain major popularity. This means that you would be wise to think about the timing of your post. If your audience is largely located in one time zone, then make sure the time you post is a time when a lot of your followers are online; early evening as apposed to 3am. You should also try to give your audience consistency; find a rhythm that works for you, and stick to it. Your audience will be expecting you!


Engage With The Community

Instagram, like most social media sites, is based on the idea of functioning as an online community. If you approach Instagram as a one-way system of communication, that is, you send a picture out, and your audience responds, then you are totally missing the point. To effectively utilize Instagram, and to grow your following, you need to engage with your audience properly, follow other people, and get involved with the community.

Be sure to fill in your bio, so that people can see what you are all about. Follow people and companies who interest you; be pretty liberal with this, as people are likely to follow you back, but try to keep it relevant to your niche. Be sure to like and comment other people’s photos, and engage with people on their terms. Respond to any comments that people leave on your photos, and ask for the opinion’s of those who participate in your campaigns.

When you take the step into the community in a genuine way, you also take your marketing to the next level too.


Buy Instagram Followers And Likes

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