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Written by Jason DiNunno | @jasondinunno

How to Find Your Ideal Client Online – Part 2: Where Else Is Your Ideal Client (Besides Social Media)?

Knowing where your ideal client spends time online is central to developing the best digital marketing strategies for your brand – and to making sure your message and calls-to-action are positioned where your ideal client will see and respond to them.

While we recently shared some insider tips on how to find an ideal client in social media, here is a follow up to that post, revealing how to locate your ideal client online, outside of social networks and platforms.


Where Does Your Ideal Client Get News Updates Online?


Online news sources abound – and not all news sources provide the same information. Understanding where your ideal client is regularly getting news updates, as well as the type of updates (s)he is interested in, can help you uncover new sites that are important for your brand to develop a presence on.

As you dig into this facet and start investigating where your ideal client looks for news online, here are some essential questions to ask (and answer):

• Does my ideal client look to standard media sources for news (like CNN, for instance)? Or is (s)he more interested in news-related blogs or commentary?
• Does my ideal client follow any news feeds? Or is (s)he likely to receive email news alerts?
• What type of ‘news’ is my ideal client interested in? Political, financial and/or entertainment news? Or industry-specific news?
• How frequently is my ideal client seeking news updates? Weekly, daily or multiple times per day?

As you start narrowing down your ideal client’s online news sources, you can begin to figure out how to develop a presence in these spaces. Some possibilities can include (and are not at all limited to):

• Advertising on a news site
• Writing a piece of content to publish on a news site
• Writing commentary about news pieces to publish on your own site
• Actively commenting on news stories published on specific sites
• Posting links from news sources on your social accounts




What Else Is Your Ideal Client Doing Online?


Checking out news updates is just one of the things your ideal client may be doing online. Of course, there may be various other online activities or focal points for your ideal client – and taking these additional interests into consideration can reveal other ways in which you can get in front of and connect with your ideal client.

Some examples of other online activities that your ideal client may actively pursue – and how you can connect with your ideal client via these activities – include:

• Listening to Podcasts – Can you be a guest on your ideal client’s favorite Podcast(s)? Can you advertise on them? Can you have hosts of those Podcasts contribute to your site (or your social media pages, your Podcast, etc.)?
• Participating in forums or industry groups – Can you join those forums or groups? If so, can you publish interesting, valuable posts, pictures or other info in these spaces? If not, can you follow these forums or groups to discover what topics are most intriguing and relevant to your ideal client?
• Using (and/or researching) software or online tools – Do your business’ offerings complement these items in a key way? Can you review this software or these tools? Or can you share helpful tips on how to use or leverage the software or tools in order to help your ideal client see better results?
• Shopping – Can you advertise on the retail sites where your ideal client shops? Can you sell your product(s) and/or services directly on these sites? Can you write reviews to publish on these sites (and/or on third-party review sites)?



How Does Your Ideal Client Search Online?


Regardless of the various activities your ideal client engages in online, one thing is likely certain: your ideal client is, at some point or another, searching for information online.

Figuring out where and how your ideal client searches – and what language (s)he uses when conducting these searches – can be another way to find and connect with your ideal client online.

When investigating this aspect of your ideal client’s activities, here are some questions to ask (and answer):

• What search engine does my ideal client typically use?
• What type of content is my ideal client usually looking for? Images and videos? How-to guides? Location-specific information? Or something else?
• What phrases or search terms does my ideal client tend to use?




The answers to these questions may uncover opportunities for:

• Optimizing your current content so it aligns with your ideal client’s searches and interests
• Content curation, revealing the specific topics to focus new blogs and other content on
• Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns to enhance your digital marketing strategies.


Finding Your Ideal Client Online: The Bottom Line


When it comes to finding and connecting with your ideal client online, the bottom line is that, once you know where your ideal client spends time online, you can effectively determine:

• Where your brand needs to establish a voice and presence
• The best ways in which to craft, present and distribute your message(s)
• How to provide value to your ideal client so that (s)he takes notice of your business, remembers your brand and is more likely to look for your content, posts, etc. in the future.



This can ultimately lead to better engagement with your ideal client, more conversions, better leads, and a better ROI for your digital marketing investments and efforts.

Have you run into any challenges or successes in finding your ideal client online? Have you found useful tactics for connecting with your ideal client in various online spaces?

Share your experiences and keep the conversation going in the comments below and/or on social media.

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