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Written by Jason DiNunno | @jasondinunno

Tweeting for your business can maximize your brand’s exposure online, opening up opportunities to appeal to new potential customers, generate more leads and grow your business.

While Twitter can be a powerful social media marketing platform for your business, however, making certain mistakes can sabotage your efforts, waste your resources and possibly even damage your brand’s reputation.

To avoid these negative impacts and maximize the benefits your business can enjoy from Twitter, below, we have identified some of the most common (and damaging) mistakes companies make on Twitter.

Twitter Bungles to Dodge: How to Position Your Business for Success on Twitter

Mistake #1: Not optimizing your Twitter profile

Whether you’re just getting started on Twitter or you have been Tweeting for your business for some time, not optimizing your Twitter profile can be like closing the door on prospective clients.

In terms of optimizing your Twitter profile, here are the main factors to address:


Optimizing your Twitter Profile


THE IMAGES: These include the header and profile images.

Pro tip: Consider maximizing the impact of your images by rotating them and varying them, with, for example, pictures of your products/services, your storefront(s), company events, your team, testimonial quotes, etc. These images can be a compelling way to communicate with your target audience and impart more about your business and the services/products you have to offer.

THE BIO: Elaborating on the mission of a company, the bio is an opportunity to explain what your business does and how it can help/serve people.

Pro tip: Every few months, revisit, review and rewrite your bio to keep it fresh and reflective of your company’s status, goals, etc.

THE URL: This can be customized in a variety of ways, including by shortening the URL, framing it in terms of your company’s tag line, etc.

Pro tip: Focus on a URL that will be easy to remember, as this can further enhance engagement with your target audience (both on and off Twitter).

The potential impact(s): The biggest possible downside to this Twitter mistake is missing the “low-hanging” fruit that maximize your exposure via Twitter. Optimized Twitter profiles will usually get indexed by search engines faster (and be ranked higher) than non-optimized profiles; and that alone can significantly increase the chances of connecting with your target audience.

Mistake #2: Blindly diving in

As eager as you may be to start Tweeting for your business, diving in without having a strategy driving your content/posting choices, as well as your posting schedule, is another common Twitter mistake.

That’s because, in the absence of thoughtful strategies, it’s far less likely that your posts will provide value to your target audience – if your target audience is even seeing your posts in the first place.

So, to avoid this Twitter mistake, consider the details of your target audience, why they are on Twitter and when they are on Twitter. Your strategic thinking and planning before you dive in to Tweeting for your business can be pivotal to your future success with your target audience.

The potential impact(s): In addition to possibly wasting your resources, diving in without a plan can lead to overpromotion, inappropriate Tweets, etc. And that can result in disengagement and possibly even the loss of followers.


Do not Automate Personal Touch


Mistake #3: Failing to add a personal touch to Tweets

People want to connect with other people online. For your target audience, using a personal tone – rather than a cold, formal, corporate tone – in your Tweets can be integral to establishing this connection and being relatable.

So, think about how your target audience relates to your business and the products/services it provides, and use this as a driving force to personalize your posts – and your business.

The potential impact(s): Again, disengagement is one of the biggest potential downsides to this Twitter mistake. Given that Tweeting for your business is intended to promote engagement and connections with your target audience, this Twitter mistake can essential subvert your social media marketing efforts on Twitter.

Mistake #4: Tweeting in isolation

This Twitter mistake usually involves Tweeting without consideration of current events and/or Tweeting according to your own whims or schedule, rather than your target audience’s schedule and preferences.

The potential impact(s): While this Twitter mistake can run the risk that your posts will simply be noise in the wind, it can also damage your business’ reputation if, for instance, you Tweet something inappropriate or insensitive during a crisis, a national tragedy, etc.

Mistake #5: Not following others or forgetting to retweet

One of the golden rules for success on Twitter (and other social media platforms) is that you have to give value in order to receive it. So, if you want to enhance your engagement on Twitter, you have to actively engage with others – both by posting your own content and by reading others’ posts and engaging with them by retweeting.

Strategically following others on Twitter and retweeting their posts (when appropriate) can get your business noticed in new circles, maximizing your brand’s exposure.

The potential impact(s): Isolating your Twitter activity to only posting for your business can lead to stagnation. It may also cost you important alliances and/or exposure online.


Mistake #6 Tweeting too much


Mistake #6: Tweeting too much

Recent research has indicated that the best engagement from businesses’ Tweets tends to arise with 1 to 4 posts per hour. With more than 4 Tweets per hour, user engagement usually drops off quickly, minimizing the chances that posts will be retweeted and/or that users will click through.

The potential impact(s): Over Tweeting runs the risk of becoming “white noise” with your target audience, meaning that people will either stop reading your posts or they will stop following you altogether. Once this happens, it can be really challenging to earn back the trust (and attention) of your audience.

Mistake #7: Not hiring professionals to enhance and/or oversee your Twitter marketing

Twitter can offer a number of boons for businesses that use it the right way. Given, however, that Twitter may be just one of the various important factors that business owners have to manage, knowing when to hire professionals to oversee this can be central to developing and maintaining authority on Twitter – and to realizing the maximum returns from these marketing efforts.

The potential impact(s): Not retaining professionals to handle your business’ Twitter marketing can increase the risk that any of the above mistakes will be made – and ultimately, that your business won’t realize any benefit from being on Twitter. In the bigger picture, this can limit your client base and impede the growth of your business.

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